Starlight Literacy Programme


The Starlight Literacy Programme seeks to nurture early childhood bilingualism. It develops children's listening and speaking skills to lay a strong foundation for their language learning. Offered in English and the Mother Tongue Languages, the programme provides opportunities for children to enjoy English and their Mother Tongue Language, communicate with confidence and be aware of local traditions and customs.

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Structured Approach to Language Learning

Language learning is made fun for children through the use of a rich variety of resources such as Big Books, songs and games set in the local context. Families are also involved through activities that children can do together with family members. The programme will develop children's listening, speaking and early literacy skills which help to lay a strong foundation for their language learning in later years.

A Peek into our Starlight Literacy Class

  • Hooray! I can lead my friends in reading a Big Book!

    Children are given opportunities to lead their peers in reading a story out loud.

  • Oh! It is so fun fishing for Chinese characters.

    Games are a fun way of providing children with repeated exposure to new vocabulary.

  • Wow! I can make a sentence with word cards.

    Teachers plan a variety of activities to make language learning an enjoyable experience.

  • Learning Tamil with my friends is so much fun!

    Children use the language to interact with their friends as they engage in games and activities. They grow in confidence as they practice conversing in the language.

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