MOE Kindergarten @ Frontier

Frontier Centre Head - Peter Wong

Mr Peter Wong Yew Leong

Centre Head, MOE Kindergarten @ Frontier

"Teach the child and he will learn for the day. Teach the child the joy of learning and he will enjoy learning for a lifetime."

Peter believes that children will enjoy what they learn when the teachers enjoy what they teach. He is a firm believer that teachers play an important role in creating a conducive environment for learning to take place. As such he emphasises the importance of fostering positive and trusting relationships between educators and children. Teachers will only be able to best facilitate children's learning when they know the children well and have a keen understanding about their needs.

Peter strives to work with his team of dedicated teachers to develop strong partnership with the parents so as to help every child reach his or her full potential.

Frontier Centre Head - Nur Sheeda Marzuki

Nur Sheeda Marzuki

Deputy Centre Head, MOE Kindergarten @ Frontier

"Having passion in what I do enable me to do my best for the children under my care."

Nur Sheeda believes that in order to nurture children holistically, it is important to develop a safe and healthy learning environment that promotes the sharing and discovery of ideas. Teachers need to be effective role models and provide opportunities for children to embrace learning. When children are engaged in their learning, their knowledge, skills and learning dispositions will be developed.

Nur Sheeda guides her teachers and works with them to develop professionally. She also establishes a good rapport with parents by listening to their concerns and addressing them so as to support their children's learning and development.

Programmes Available

K1, K2, KCare


MOE Kindergarten @ Frontier
Frontier Primary School
20 Jurong West Street 61
Singapore 648200


Tel: 6686 3885
Fax: 6686 3873

Operating Hours

MK: 8am – 5pm
KCare: 7am – 7pm

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