Enhancing Humanities curriculum at secondary and pre-university levels

  • Humanities curriculum, including Social Studies, History, Geography and Economics, will be enhanced for a deeper understanding of Asia, including ASEAN.

More Conversational Chinese and Malay Programmes (CCM)

  • More schools encouraged to conduct CCM.
  • CCM to be enhanced through opportunities for cultural exposure and existing resources on SLS.

School-led ASEAN trips

  • Students to continue to undertake overseas trips to ASEAN countries to better understand the region.
  • Students to undergo a 10-hour language and cultural exposure component as part of pre-trip preparations. This includes the provision of digital learning resources for Thai and Vietnamese.

‘70-70’ target

  • 70% of Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) students will participate in overseas exposure programmes.
  • 70% of this group will have exposure to ASEAN, China or India.
  • This will double the current proportion of local IHL students who go for regional exposure programmes.

Minister Explains: Knowing Asia