School Posting Phase

This phase is for the posting of students to secondary schools taking into consideration their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results, their school choices and vacancies in the schools.

Posting Process

Students are posted to secondary schools based on merit first according to their PSLE aggregate scores rounded to the nearest whole number. A student with better rounded aggregate score will be considered for admission first, subject to the availability of vacancies in the selected school. If there is no more vacancy, then the student will be considered for his/her next choice school(s).

In situations where there are two or more students with the same rounded aggregate score vying for the last place in a school, they will be posted based on their citizenship status (i.e. Singapore Citizens, then Singapore Permanent Residents, then International Students). If there is still a tie, say between two Singapore citizens, the one with the higher unrounded aggregate score will be posted into the school first. If there is still a tie between two citizens with the same unrounded aggregate score, then posting into the school will be determined by a computerised ballot where each student is given an equal opportunity.

Students who fail to get a place in any of their choice of schools will be posted to a school near their home which still has vacancies. However, they must have met the school’s lowest PSLE aggregate. As such, parents are advised to update the primary school of any changes in official residential address by the end of PSLE.