St Hilda’s Primary School

St Hilda’s Primary School aspires to be ‘A dynamic learning community that nurtures loyal citizens with godly character and global outlook’. This vision can only be fully achieved by forming meaningful partnerships with parents, other institutions and the community. Hence the school adopts the Partners Framework to ensure wider community involvement and purposeful partnerships for continuous school growth and pupil involvement.

Strategic partners are identified and engaged to help achieve its student outcomes in the 4 key pupil domains namely the cognitive, affective, spiritual and physical and aesthetic domains.

The school also adopts a three-prong approach in engaging its three main groups of stakeholders namely: other schools, parents and the wider community. Some of the school’s strategic partners are as follows:

In conclusion, the school continually strives to improve on its partnership processes to ensure the motivation of continued collaborations of our partners through mutual purpose-driven goals and benefits. Sustainability of the partnerships is also ensured through planning and reviews of its partnerships.