Relief Teaching

The Relief Teaching Scheme and Scheme for Relief Educators allows schools to employ relief teachers or relief educators to fill classroom vacancies on a short-term basis, where they will take on classroom teaching duties.

The Relief Teaching Scheme registers trained candidates (i.e. with a teaching qualification). Many of our former teachers are in our pool of relief teachers and continue to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the Education Service.

The Scheme for Relief Educators registers untrained candidates (i.e. without a teaching qualification). Besides meeting school’s temporary manpower shortfall, it provides an avenue for individuals who are interested in developing a challenging and satisfying career in the Education Service - but are unsure of their own suitability to be a teacher - to experience what it is like being a teacher.


Relief Teaching Scheme

To register for the Relief Teaching Scheme, you must possess a teaching qualification.

Scheme for Relief Educator

To register for the Scheme for Relief Educator (SRE), you must meet one of the following criteria:

Non-graduates (excluding undergraduates) will generally be placed on the Relief Allied Educator (READ) Scheme, subject to them meeting the eligibility criteria for the scheme. Selected candidates may be engaged as a SRE if the school finds them suitable to teach a specialised subject or subject area of need such as Art, Music, Humanities and etc.

Rates of Payment

Schemes Wage Rates (Daily-Rated)
Relief Teaching (RT) Scheme
  • S$105 to S$230
Scheme for Relief Educators (SRE)
  • S$100 (for graduate)
  • S$80 (for undergraduate*)

*Non-graduate engaged as a SRE to teach a specialised subject or subject area of need will also be paid this rate.


Please submit your application for registration on the relevant relief employment scheme(s) through the Relief Employment Management System (REMS) portal. You will require a valid email account for creation of a user account to access the system.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive a letter of registration and you will be listed in the registered candidate database. Please note that you have to be actively engaged in assignment (i.e. not without assignment for more than one year) if you would like to remain registered on the scheme.

Schools will contact you directly if they require your services or you may call the schools to enquire about vacancies.

Please bring along all your original educational certificates, transcripts and necessary identification document to your first employing school for the purpose of verification. Schools will not be allowed to employ you if your particulars are not verified.

For guide on online application, please refer to the user guide posted at the Login page of Relief Employment Management System (REMS) portal.

Status of Application for Registration

You may check the status of your application on the Relief Employment Management System (REMS) portal.


For helpdesk support, please contact the System Administrator at:

The operating hours of helpdesk is Mon to Fri from 7.30am to 6.30pm, excluding public holidays.

For general enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Centre at 6872 2220.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions on relief teaching for more information.