Neo Group Limited

Listed on SGX since July 2012, Neo Group provides customers with end-to-end food and catering solutions through a comprehensive suite of capabilities and service offerings under five business segments – Food Catering, Food Retail, Food Manufacturing, Food Trading and Food & Catering Supplies.

As one of Singapore’s most recognized brand names, Neo Group Limited takes pride in its unwavering commitment to our customers: To uphold the highest standards, from the quality of ingredients, to bringing customers the most personable service experience.

Potential career path and developmental opportunities for scholars

Scholars will be hired as Management Associates.

They will undertake a series of in-house and external programmes to help them in their personal growth and development, particularly in the areas of careers where they will acquire along the way through experiential learning. Some of their in-house programmes include: Onboarding, Basic Food Hygiene and CPR & AED.External programmes include: Leaderships skills, Coaching skills, etc.

There are development plans to rotate them to different departments to strengthen their business and operational acumen. Job rotations within each department take approximately two years. The duration of the job rotations depends on the scholar’s performance and many other factors.

They will eventually be developed on the management track under Logistics, Kitchen Operations Management and Sales Department.

Preferred courses of study

  • Business & Accountancy
  • Hospitality
  • Science (Food Science & Technology)