Aalst Chocolate Pte Ltd


Aalst Chocolate is the first Singaporean brand that can produce both chocolate covertures and compounds. With 6 brands under its wing, Aalst Chocolate exports 98% of its products to over 55 countries all over the world.

In the pursuit of chocolate perfection, and to keep up with its own demanding expectations for itself, it incorporate its values into every stage of its growth so that it can continue to take pride in its products for many more decades to come.

Aalst Chocolate's Mission:

Aalst Chocolate takes pride in bringing functionality, value & delight to all stakeholders whom they offer their chocolate products and services to.

Aalst Chocolate's Core Values:


They are knowledgeable and passionate about chocolate. They are committed to in-house sourcing, and continue to re-invest in production and Research & Development. The result is an exceptional range of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products to empower the culinary creativity of customers.


They procure the finest cocoa beans at the best prices from well-managed resources around the world to ensure a flexible and robust supply chain that always delivers. They are dedicated to going the extra mile through support for sustainable solutions that benefit both local communities and our customers.


They advocate and uphold the importance of honesty and clarity in all interactions with their employees, suppliers & costumers, and reaffirm their trust every day. They never take success for granted.

Preferred courses of study

  • Business & Accountancy (Business)
  • Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Science (Food Science & Technology)