Siltronic Singapore Pte Ltd

Siltronic Singapore Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Siltronic AG headquartered in Munich, Germany. Siltronic is a global leader in the market for hyperpure silicon wafers and serve almost all of the leading semiconductor silicon wafer consumers globally. These silicon wafers are the base materials used in the manufacturing of integrated circuits.

Siltronic operates multinational manufacturing facilities in Europe, USA and Singapore. The Singapore manufacturing facilities operates among the world’s newest and largest 200 and 300 mm production sites for Siltronic.

Preferred courses of study

  • Engineering (Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design Engineering, Mechatronics)
  • Information & Communications Technology (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computing Science, Information Systems)
  • Supply Chain Management