Siltronic Singapore Pte Ltd

Siltronic Singapore Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Siltronic AG headquartered in Munich, Germany. Siltronic is a global leader in the market for hyperpure silicon wafers and serve almost all of the leading semiconductor silicon wafer consumers. Hyperpure semiconductor silicon wafers form the basis of the most complex semiconductor components including high voltage applications, telecommunications and large-scale integrated microprocessors and memory modules for information processing.

Potential career path and developmental opportunities for scholars

Selected scholars will have opportunities to be exposed to cutting edge technologies. They will be put through internship, job rotation and Management Trainee Scheme where they will be mentored by our Senior Management members.

Preferred courses of study

  • Engineering (Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Engineering, Engineering Systems & Design, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Materials Engineering, Material Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design Engineering, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics, Renaissance Engineering Programme)
  • Information & Communications Technology (Computer Engineering, Computer Science)