SIA Engineering Company Limited

SIA Engineering Company, together with its global network of 24 joint ventures and subsidiaries across 7 countries, form the SIAEC Group.

The SIAEC Group provides extensive aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services to more than 80 international airlines carriers and aerospace equipment manufacturers worldwide.

With certifications from more than 20 airworthiness authorities, SIAEC's six hangars and 17 in-house workshops in Singapore provide complete MRO services in airframe, component, engine, aircraft conversions and modifications to major airlines from four continents. Its component, engine and modifications joint ventures forged with the world's leading engine and component manufacturers, further deepen its MRO service offerings.

At Singapore Changi Airport, SIAEC provides line maintenance services to more than 50 airlines passing through Singapore. It ensures a high level of punctuality for all SIAEC's customers' flight departures. Beyond Singapore, its growing network of line maintenance support is extended to airports in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, United States and Vietnam.

With its comprehensive and integrated MRO solutions, SIAEC is dedicated to providing on-time deliveries and meeting every need of its customers.

Potential career path and developmental opportunities for scholars

SIA Engineering Company Limited offers a holistic developmental career path for their Scholars. Through regular rotation programs and engagement sessions, the Scholars can expect to be exposed to the key functions and business units within the Company to allow them to gain a good overview of the overall business operations.


Preferred courses of study

All courses (excluding Healthcare-related disciplines).