Service to Education Award

Ministry of Education congratulates 273 recipients of the Service to Education Award 2015

Since 1990, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been giving out the Service to Education Awards in recognition of the role and contribution of the School Advisory Committee (SAC) of government schools, School Management Committees (SMC) of government-aided schools and Board of Governors (BOG) of independent schools.

This award is given to members of the public who have come forward voluntarily to serve in our schools. They have made significant contributions to our schools, working closely with the principals, staff and pupils, and giving their strong support to school programmes; raising fund to promote school development and programmes for pupil welfare and promoting closer relationship between the community and the school.

This year, a total of 257 SAC / SMC / BOG members in 3 categories received the Service to Education Award. The 3 categories are the Gold, Silver and Pewter.

List of 2015 Recipients