Overview of the EMP

Learn more about the programme’s features, offering schools and eligibility criteria.

The EMP is a 2-year upper secondary programme designed for musically-inclined students.

EMP students can expect:

  • A holistic curriculum which develops and deepens understanding and skills in different fields of music, including:
    • An in-depth study of Asian, Classical, Jazz, Popular and Multimedia genres.
    • Arts production and management with a focus on music events.
  • Access to specialised facilities such as practice studios, music technology equipment and other resources (for example, scores and audio-visual materials).
  • Opportunities to learn from music industry professionals through masterclasses and studio sessions.
  • Opportunities to collaborate and learn with EMP and Music Elective Programme (MEP) students from other schools.
  • To take Music or Higher Music syllabus at O-Level.
Note: EMP students do not need to pay any additional school fees.

Learn more about the programme:

If you have any questions about EMP, you can contact your preferred EMP school directly or the Arts Education Branch.

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