SUTD Special Application Window

This is a Special Application Window for the Academic Year 2020. SUTD is reopening its application portal from 4 to 17 May 2020 for all incoming students.

Note: If you have applied between October 2019 and March 2020, please do not apply again under the Special Application Window. Re-applications will not be considered.

Select your profile to learn about the minimum entry requirements and admissions application timeline:

  • A-level graduate
  • Polytechnic graduate
  • IB graduate

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Graduate Employment Survey (GES)

GES is jointly conducted by NTU, NUS, SIT, SMU, SUSS and SUTD annually to survey the employment conditions of graduates about 6 months after their final examinations.

Download SUTD GES report

Indicative Grade Profile (IGP)

The IGP provides information on the grade profile of students who were offered admissions in the previous admissions cycle. This enables prospective students to make informed choices during their application.

Nearly all A-Level students who were offered admissions in 2019 had taken:

  • Mathematics at H2 level, and 8 in 10 scored at least a B.
  • Either Physics, Chemistry, or both, at H2 level, and nearly 7 in 10 scored at least a B for either or both subjects.