Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can the school IT technical support staff participate in the OSOS photo contest too?
Answer: Any staff who works in any MOE school can participate in the OSOS photo contest.

Question: I’m not a photography pro. Can I take part?
Answer: Yes, of course! While technical knowledge is one of the requirements, we are also looking out for interesting and impactful photo stories. If you're enthusiastic about telling us your school's stories, check out our Photography Tips for ideas to get started.

Photo Story

Question: Can I make edits to my photos? E.g. cropping and minor editing to the photo.
Answer: Yes, minor edits to the photos like cropping and adjustments to the brightness and contrast is allowed.

Question: Why do we need to ensure that our photos are at least 2560 x 1920 pixels?
Answer: We advise this as the photos may be used for an exhibition. This will ensure that the photos will be clear even if they are enlarged.

Question: Can I submit my photo story with a series of monochrome images if I feel that will tell my story better?
Answer: As the photos may be used for an exhibition, we will need to keep the style of the exhibition consistent. Thus, we would recommend that participants submit their photos in colour.

Question: Besides using a digital camera for the contest, can I use a film or pin-hole camera to take my photos?
Answer: Participants can use any camera to take their photos. However, we can only accept the photos in JPEG. Participants should ensure that their photos are at least 2560 x 1920 pixels.

Question: Can we submit photos taken with studio/strobe lighting or with a drone?
Answer: Yes, we encourage participants to explore different ways to shoot their photo stories. However, to ensure that the photos can be printed for the contest, participants should ensure that their photos are at least 2560 x 1920 pixels.

Question: Do I need to get consent from all my photo subjects in my photo story?
Answer: It's good practice to do so to respect the subjects in the photographs. Do seek the subject(s)' permission either verbally or in writing. The teacher-facilitator can help advise students on this matter.

Teacher-facilitators can help craft a simple photography release form for students to use if needed.


Question: I have an interesting story angle but the event will only happen after the current submission deadline. Can I have a 1-week extension?
Answer: [UPDATE] The closing date for submissions has been extended till 15 August 2020, 11.59pm. To be fair to all participants, late entries will not be accepted.