Awards Ceremony

Wondering what the fuss is all about? Winners of the OSOS photo contest not only got to share their schools’ stories with fellow colleagues and classmates and the public, they had the chance to mingle with other budding photographers too at the Awards Ceremony!

We were honoured to have more than 200 guests, parents, educators and students at the OSOS Photo Contest Awards Ceremony last July 2018. Our first-ever awards ceremony, it went off with a bang! Just for you, we bring you 6 moments you might have missed at the Edutorium…

Sparkling plaques awaited our winners of the OSOS photo contest.

Nervous and excited teachers and students sat in their own school groups awaiting the reveal of the results of the OSOS photo contest, but soon, they started to talk and swop experiences.

Coordinating Divisional Director, Communications and Engagement Group, Mrs Tan Wai Lan delivered her heart-warming opening speech.

Principals, teachers and parents were out in full force, supporting their budding photographers.

The launch of the OSOS photo exhibition brought about many “wow” moments for our visitors.

Snapped, shared and tagged! Spread the word about the OSOS photo exhibition.

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