Speech by Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ms Low Yen Ling at the Cultural Heritage Walk

Published Date: 02 July 2016 12:00 AM

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1. 今天早上很高兴有机会和大家一起参加,由推广华文学习委员会和宗乡会馆联合总会一起联办的 “走出校园、走进文化”活动。今天我们在这里大概有两百位学生。

2. 今天的活动,有三个重点:那就是走、校园和文化。最大的特点,就是“走”。大家有没有注意到“走”这个字,是最大的?为什么“走”这么重要?走,象征着互动和行动,代表着学习的最佳方式。

3. 因为有今天的活动,同学们走到这里,因为有今天的活动,同学们能够通过观察,通过体验,通过生动有趣的讲解,以及多姿多彩的活动,身历其境,浸濡在浓浓的文化氛围当中。

4. 走,也把校园和文化连接在一起。大家今天来到牛车水,相信同学们都曾经在课堂上,从课本当中, 认识到牛车水的典故,知道这里是早期华人聚集的地方。等会儿大家去参观岗州会馆、颜氏公会、和怡和轩的时候,就能够通过游戏、书法、舞狮和对空间的体验等等,加深对各地方华族文化的印象。文化,也从平面的文字,变得栩栩如生,用眼睛看得到,用耳朵听得到,用鼻子嗅得到,用手触摸得到的全方位体验。这也是我们常说的体验式的学习方式,“experiential learning”。

5. 那为什么“走”是今天的重点呢?走,也把各族文化连接起来。当我们一步一脚印的从会馆走到兴都庙,再走到歌德学院的时候,会发现其实距离很近,会发现其实我们共通的历史很多,我们共同重视的价值观,很相似。同学们也能够深刻体会到, 这里虽然叫做Chinatown,但是印度族的庙宇、马来族的回教堂、基督教徒的教堂,华人的会馆和庙宇,同在一条街上,大家不分你我,和谐生活。

6. 文化,源于生活。在此,我要特别感谢宗乡总会联合发起这项活动,让同学们走入生活;同时也非常感谢来自光洋中学的志愿者,以及理工学院和大学的大哥哥和大姐姐们,带领学弟学妹们一起探索。我希望在不久的将来,在几年后呢,你们就能像他们一样,能为自己学校的学弟学妹们做导游。相信大家都能办得到!我相信通过这项活动,同学们一定能够加深对华族文化、对华文华语的印象,体会到文化认知的感动。当大家“走”回校园,翻开课本的时候,就能够加深学习的体会。这就是我所说的体验式的学习方式的奥妙。

7. 今天是我们第一次举办这项活动,就获得了校方和同学们的踊跃参与,总共有来自6所学校的200多位同学们报名参加。我相信“走出校园、走进文化”活动,一定会越办越成功,华文学习将会越来越精彩!

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Good morning to all guests and students!

8.The Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) was formed in January 2005, eleven years ago, to garner the support of the community to support the learning of Chinese Language. It seeks to facilitate continuing collaboration between the schools, community organisations and the media to create an environment that encourages students, like yourselves, to use Chinese Language beyond school. The mother tongue language needs to come alive for it to be fun and for learning to be experiential.

9.Since the formation of CPCLL, the committee has actively organised engaging and interactive activities to enthuse students in their learning of the Chinese Language and enhance their appreciation and interest in the Chinese culture.

10.This year, the committee is delighted to collaborate with the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association (SFCCA) in organising our first Cultural Heritage Walk. We hope that through this walk, our students will widen their cultural exposure by participating in the activities held at the various local cultural and heritage sites. This way, their learning of the Chinese language and culture is experiential and fun. The participation of Sri Layan Sithi Vinaayagar Temple and Goethe Institut provides another dimension for students to appreciate the multi-cultural diversity of Singapore. I think this multi-cultural diversity is really unique to Singapore and it is not coincidental that we organise our first heritage walk in the month of July. I am sure the teachers know that we celebrate racial harmony in July. This is precious and unique to Singapore, and our rich and diverse legacy is for all of us to appreciate and also for all of you, the future leaders of Singapore, to cherish.

11.I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our five hosts for their support – the Gan Clan Association, Kong Chow Wui Koon, Ee Hoe Hean Club, Sri Layan Sithi Vinaayagar Temple and Goethe Institut. They have put in months of effort to create a multi-sensory experience and spent much time and effort to prepare the various activities for all of you today.

12.Though this is the first time that the event is taking place, we have received encouraging response. We want to thank the schools for giving us your support. We have close to 200 students from six different schools participating today. I would like to thank all the teachers and students for taking part in the walk today, and I would also like to thank the volunteers from Guangyang Secondary School for helping out in this event. Last but not least, there is a special group of people that I would like to thank as well. They are the passionate volunteers from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Nanyang Technological University. Thank you for being here to lead and guide your juniors.

13.All of you here are part of the inaugural cohort, and I believe in time to come, you will also take their place to be a volunteer. I think in teaching, you will receive and learn a lot as well. It is not just about giving back, but it is also to continue this experience of learning the Chinese language and immersing yourselves in the Chinese culture. I wish all of you a fruitful and meaningful learning journey this morning!

14.Thank you!

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