New Chinese Graded Readers to be Distributed to All Primary Schools

Published Date: 26 August 2017 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. 36 students who were recognised for their creativity and good Chinese writing skills in the “Creativity, No Boundaries!” National Children’s Story Writing Competition will soon see their good work published!

2. The competition was jointly organised by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning and the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language in September 2016. Approximately 500 entries were submitted for the Student and Open categories, reflecting enthusiastic support from schools and the community.

3. 36 outstanding entries were then selected to be part of the Chinese Graded Readers. Besides serving as a selection process for the content of the Readers, the competition also sought to instil in students a keener interest in Chinese Language by encouraging them to take part in creative writing. These 36 Readers were graded based on their suitability for primary school students of different levels.

4. All Primary Schools will receive 42 sets of the first 18 Readers by September this year, with the rest of the Readers to be distributed in early 2018. The books will be distributed free.

5. Featuring relatable local context as told by students and appealing illustrations by local artists, the Readers will provide greater variety and diversity in genre, allowing students to develop a love for reading Chinese.

6. More information on the competition and the Readers can be found in Annex A. The list of prize winners can be found in Annex B.

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