Students to Showcase Creativity for Malay Finesse Project 2017

Published Date: 02 June 2017 12:00 AM

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The Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee (MLLPC) has kick-started the 6th Malay Finesse1 Project (Projek Kesantunan Melayu). The annual project was first launched in 2012 and aims to cultivate a generation of Malays with a strong sense of appreciation and awareness of Malay culture.

2. As part of the Malay Finesse Project 2017, students will be encouraged to participate in a one-minute video competition to demonstrate their understanding of Malay finesse in a creative way. Submission of entries will begin on 2 July and close on 8 September 2017. Winning teams will be recognised at a Malay Finesse Carnival (Karnival Kesantunan Melayu) on 14 October this year, to be graced by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Social and Family Development, Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim.

3. The Carnival aims to provide an immersive experience with various booths showcasing authentic environments. For example, visitors can enter a booth set up to resemble a living room, and engage in role-playing as a guest of a home. From these scenario-based booths, visitors can learn more and engage in conversations about Malay finesse. There will also be cultural performances and a display of the students’ winning entries from the video competition.

4. To encourage participation in the competition and raise awareness in the lead-up to the Carnival in October, a series of videos about Malay finesse will be shared on various MLLPC social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube (refer to the Annex for the video synopses and release dates). These videos will be uploaded onto MLLPC’s Facebook Page ( from 2 June.

  1. Malay finesse refers to what is considered appropriate in the Malay culture, for example, dining etiquette, how to respectfully greet one’s elders and how to conduct oneself when visiting a Malay home.
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