Aptitude-Based Admissions to Better Recognise Students in Crest and Spectra Secondary Schools

Published Date: 04 October 2016 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. Students from Specialised Schools for Normal (Technical) (SSNT) students who perform well1 for their Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Skills Certificate (ISC) will be considered favourably for early admission to relevant Nitec courses through the ITE Special College Admissions Scheme (SCAS). This will be implemented starting from 2017’s GCE N(T)-Level cohort.

2. The ISC curriculum in the SSNTs is specially customised to prepare students for progression to post-secondary skills training at ITE and for employment. Hence, these students will be considered as having demonstrated the necessary aptitude required for the mapped Nitec courses. This is in line with the greater emphasis on aptitude-based admissions and encouraging students to pursue courses based on their strengths and aspirations.

3. ITE will make conditional offers to successful SCAS applicants based on a holistic assessment of students’ aptitude. Their ISC performance, recommendations from schools, achievements in co-curricular activities, and socio-emotional competencies will also be taken into account. These offers are then subject to applicants meeting the Minimum Entry Requirement of the course after the release of the GCE N(T)-Level examination results, similar to students from mainstream schools.

4. More information on SSNTs and ISCs can be found at the Annex A.

  1. Students’ performance in the ISC is based on their Grade Point Average (GPA) and how well they do in the Industry Experiential Programme.
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