Exploring The World Of Work At The Education And Career Guidance Fair

Published Date: 14 March 2016 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. To complement existing efforts in education and career guidance (ECG), ECG Fairs will be organised in collaboration with industry partners and post-secondary education institutes (PSEIs) to bring the world of work to students and teachers. This is in line with continual efforts to empower students to make informed education and career choices in school and beyond graduation, as part of the national SkillsFuture movement.

2. In a landscape of diverse study and work options, knowledge of trends in the industry sectors would help students make informed choices in education courses and careers. At the ECG Fair, students and teachers can explore education and career pathways in Singapore’s key growth sectors through exhibitions and activities conducted by industry experts and the PSEIs.

3. The inaugural ECG Fair is organised at Tampines Secondary School for Secondary 2 students. Centred on the Chemicals and Life Sciences industry sector, the Fair brings together PSEIs and professionals in the field. Students have opportunities to explore and learn more about education and career pathways in the Biomedical and Health Sciences, Chemicals, and Food Science and Nutrition through four key stations – Exhibitions; Education and Career talks; Hands-on Experiences; and the Rest and Relax Educational Stop. Please refer to the Annex for more information on the stations.

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