Successful 7th ASEAN School Games Come to a Close in Brunei Darussalam

Published Date: 28 November 2015 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. After four days of competition (23 - 26 Nov), the 7th ASEAN Schools Games (ASG) drew to a close on 27 November. The Singapore Schools contingent won a total of 20 medals - 6 Gold, 4 Silver, and 10 Bronze. Please refer to Annex A for breakdown of the medals won for each event.

2. Chef-de-Mission for the Singapore Schools contingent1 , Mr R Vasuthevan, commended the student-athletes for their participation, “The Games provided our student athletes with a wonderful opportunity for building character in sporting excellence. They fought hard, were gracious in victory, and displayed grit and determination against stronger opponents. They also reconnected with their regional opponents; developed admiration for each other’s sporting prowess and forged new friendships.”

3. Participating in her first ASG, Christie May Chue from the Swimming team clinched four gold and two silver medals. She felt that the Games provided another platform for her to compete regionally and strive for excellence. “Competing with swimmers from other ASEAN countries allows me to see where I stand, and I would share this experience and learning points with junior swimmers. I feel that what matters most was that I did my best, and told myself to keep swimming and go all out.”

4. Mr Yeoh Herr-Ling, a parent who travelled to Brunei to support his daughter, Cherlyn Yeoh from the Swimming team, noted the good exposure and opportunity provided by ASG to develop Cherlyn’s sporting talent. Cheryln was part of the 4x100m Freestyle Relay team that won Gold, and clinched a Bronze in the 50m Freestyle. Mr Yeoh said, “The ASG has given Cherlyn the exposure and opportunity to meet high-performing athletes from the region. She is grateful for the opportunity to represent Singapore Schools. ASG has helped develop her sporting talent, and the experience will definitely stand her in good stead for future competitions.”

5. The ASG also allows the students to learn more about ASEAN, and experience how sports have brought ASEAN nations together. The competitions have provided opportunities for students from different countries to interact and make friends, while learning about their cultures. Taking part in his second ASG, Bronze Medallist for Discus Eric Yee said, “The ASG is always a great opportunity for us to mingle with competitors from other countries, learn about their cultures and also how their sporting background was different from Singapore’s. It is a great time for us to catch up with our peers from other countries.”

6. Team Manager for Golf, Mr New Say Leng, felt that the ASG not only provided a platform for young golfers to compete regionally, but also allowed them to learn the value of teamwork. He said, “For some golfers, this is the first time taking part in a competition as a team. I believe it was an excellent chance for them to experience the beauty of working together, and in the process forge strong bonds with one another, creating a strong Singapore Schools team.” The boys’ team clinched the Bronze medal.

7. Student-athlete Abdul Hammirruddin Bin Noor from the Sepak Takraw team has honed his leadership skills as the Captain of the team. Although it was his second time participating in ASG, he did not expect to be chosen as the captain. Hammirruddin said, “I stepped up and took responsibility to lead the team and make sure that I was a good role model for my teammates. As team captain, I knew the importance of showing support and motivated my team by cheering them on and encouraging them to press on. I am thankful for the opportunity and look forward to next year’s ASG.”

8. For more details, please visit the official ASG website.

  1. The student-athletes from the Singapore Schools contingent are from a total of 30 schools, and were selected based on their overall performance at the National School Games and other local and regional sports competitions. Through the combined trainings, students from various schools bonded together to push toward a common purpose. ASG provides opportunities for students talented in sports to develop through regional competition, and the budding young athletes were grateful to represent Singapore Schools at the ASEAN level.
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