Greater Support for Parents and Students to Make Better Informed Education and Career Choices

Published Date: 30 October 2015 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. In line with continual efforts to empower students to make better-informed education and career choices in school and beyond graduation, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will be providing more resources to encourage them to discover and develop their abilities and passion. This effort is part of the national SkillsFuture movement, which seeks to provide Singaporeans with opportunities to make informed choices based on their areas of strengths and interests, and develop to the fullest throughout life.

Enhanced Education and Career Guidance Efforts

2. Students can look forward to increased access to quality counselling in education and career guidance (ECG) and useful ECG programmes with the successful recruitment and deployment of 50 trained ECG Counsellors to Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute as well as the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and the polytechnics. They have received 120 hours of training on career facilitation and another six months of training on counselling skills. We are on track to deploy a total of about 100 ECG Counsellors to schools and institutions by 2017.

3. Students will be further supported by the establishment of ECG Centres at MOE’s Grange Road Campus, polytechnics and ITE. From November 2015, students and parents can access services at the ECG Centre at MOE’s Grange Road Campus, particularly during periods such as after the release of their GCE N-, O- and A- Level examination results. The Centre will also function as a centralised resource centre for ECG Counsellors and personnel in schools and the post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs). Eight ECG Centres staffed with ECG Counsellors will be established at all polytechnics and ITE Colleges by January 2016.

4. To empower parents, an ECG guide titled Nurturing Dreams, Guiding Our Children for Their Future, will be distributed to all parents of Primary 6 and Secondary 2 students every year to provide tips on how they can journey and support their children in planning their education and career pathways. Another publication, titled The Next Step Forward. Navigating Your Education and Career Pathways, will be distributed to all students and their parents to illustrate the numerous education and career pathway possibilities after their GCE N-, O- and A- Level examinations. To enhance support for educators as they guide students in making informed choices, ECG Counsellors, school leaders, and educators will also be updated frequently with relevant developments in the industry, labour market and upgrading opportunities; as well as ECG resources for the classroom.

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