Schools, Parents and the Community to Partner in Bringing Out the Best in Every Student

Published Date: 22 September 2015 12:00 AM

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1. At its annual Work Plan Seminar today, the Ministry of Education introduced initiatives to strengthen the partnership of parents and the community with our schools to create more varied and holistic learning experiences that aim to bring out the best in every student. This recognises that while a large part of our students’ learning takes place in school, it also takes place at home and in the community. Learning is also a lifelong journey that continues beyond school.

Stronger partnership with parents to support student-centric, values-driven education for our students

Teachers to benefit from Professional Development on Parent Engagement

2. To deepen parent partnership, MOE has developed a range of resources to support the ongoing professional development of our teachers in better engaging parents to support their child’s education journey. These include guidelines, tips and planning resources that schools can adapt to better engage and communicate with parents to build successful and effective school-home partnerships.

3. It also includes a set of scenario-based role-playing cards designed to help teachers better understand the diversity of students’ needs and parents’ concerns. This will support our teachers in engaging parents more effectively, for positive outcomes for every student. Schools will receive these resources in November 2015.

Parents to benefit from Resources at Key Transition Points: Primary 1 Parents to Receive Booklet on Activity Ideas

4. MOE will also support parents as partners in their children’s education journey. MOE has developed an activity book to support parents of Primary 1 students in navigating the transition from pre-school to primary school. This book contains helpful tips and suggested activities that parents of pre-school children may find useful in helping their children transit smoothly into primary school. The suggested activities are intended to encourage parent-child conversations, and help parents reinforce the values and routines that their children will practise in school. All parents of Primary 1 students entering MOE primary schools in 2016 will receive a copy in November 2015.

Parents to Benefit from Enhanced Support in Education and Career Guidance

5. Beyond complementing efforts to bring out the best in every child through holistic education, parents also play a key role in encouraging their child to pursue their areas of strengths and interests. To support parents in guiding their children to make informed education and career choices, MOE will enhance the Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Guide for parents of students at the upper primary and lower secondary levels. The guide equips parents to support their children to discover and develop their interests, abilities, and passion and learn more about the future working world, and the many education and career pathways that they can pursue. It will contain tips on how they can guide their child to make informed education and career decisions. The guide will be distributed from October 2015.

6. These resources will complement the work of our ECG Counsellors, who will be deployed to schools, polytechnics and ITE to work with teachers to engage parents and guardians through existing sessions such as Secondary 2 Subjects Awareness Talks, Parent Teacher Meetings and/or involving parents in ECG counselling where required. The first batch of 50 ECG Counsellors will be deployed to Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute as well as ITE and the polytechnics, by October 2015, as we progress towards our target of deploying 100 ECG Counsellors to schools and these institutions by 2017.

Stronger partnerships with the community to create more learning opportunities for our students

7. Beyond parents, MOE will also strengthen partnerships with the community to provide students with authentic learning experiences, which are important in helping students develop lifelong skills and values for them to lead purposeful lives and contribute back to society.

New Community of Pathfinders in Action (COMPACT)

8. MOE will pull together a new community resource network named Community of Pathfinders in Action (COMPACT) that will be made up of well-established individuals in various fields including Languages, Humanities, Business and Enterprise, Aesthetics - Media & the Arts, Sports, Youth Leadership, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). These Pathfinders will strengthen the development of Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP) by linking schools with the wider industry and community to enable students to make connection of what they learn in school with the various fields that they will encounter beyond the school. Schools, especially those without established alumni networks that they can easily call on, can tap on the Pathfinders network’s expertise to develop their programmes to better cater to their students’ diverse aptitudes and interests. See Annex for more information on the COMPACT.

9. MOE will continue to actively support our schools in their partnership with parents and the community. Through the strong collaborations between schools, home and the community, we can help our students discover their strengths and interests, develop deep skills in their different fields, and let each achieve success in their own ways.

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