Cherishing our Past, Celebrating our Present and Creating our Future

Published Date: 02 June 2015 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1.The theme for this year's Pre-University Seminar is "Cherishing Our Past, Celebrating Our Present, Creating Our Future". Some 550 students from 30 pre-university institutions, including Junior Colleges, the Centralised Institute and Polytechnics will come together to reflect on Singapore's achievements over the past 50 years and use their learning experiences from the seminar to envision and create our future together. The seminar will be held from 2 to 5 June 2015 at the National University of Singapore.

2.By Cherishing Our Past, participants will examine our past successes and challenges. When Celebrating Our Present, they will reflect on Singapore's achievements built upon the firm foundation laid by our pioneer generation. Collectively, as the future of our nation, participants will seek to embody the values that have brought our nation forward, and unite in Creating Our Future together.

3.The objective of this year's Seminar is to provide our youth with opportunities to connect with people from all walks of life in Singapore. Prior to the Seminar, the participants interviewed people from various backgrounds from selected organisations across five SG50 domains. The domains are as follows:

  • Education and Youth;
  • Culture and Community;
  • Economic and International;
  • Environment and Infrastructure; and
  • Partnership.

Pre-University Seminar Highlights

4.This year's Seminar will encourage deep reflection, student collaboration, imagination and active citizenry. Students are grouped by SG50 domains and each of the 50 groups must reflect on how individuals and organisations have worked in synergy towards improving Singapore. Their shared experiences with members of the public will inform and shape their collective imagining of their vision for Singapore. Participants will go through the following four components:

(a) Groundwork

5.Each group of participants will visit people and organisations related to their assigned SG50 domain. Participants will interact with Singaporeans from different backgrounds and learn about their experiences at work and how they have contributed to make Singapore what it is today. They will have the opportunity to interview individuals at organizations, ranging from ground staff to management. It will also help them to better understand and appreciate the work, values and challenges of building an inclusive society, which provides for a diversity of needs and aspirations.

(b) Panel Discussion

6.Each discussion will:

  • focus participants' findings from their Groundwork;
  • involve three to four panelists, selected for their specific area of expertise; and
  • be moderated by Teacher-Facilitators, with the assistance of the Student Liaison Officers. This will ensure that all participants and panelists are given the opportunity to take part in the discussion meaningfully.
(c) Operation V50

7.A key highlight of this year's Seminar, Operation V50 will see the 50 teams of students travel to selected locations across Singapore to put into action simple but creative acts that will engage the public to celebrate and raise awareness of the achievements of people in their assigned SG50 domains. This interactive experience will challenge participants to reflect on the perspectives shared by members of the public, as well as their own role in taking action to fulfil their vision for Singapore.

(d) Closing Ceremony and Exhibition

8.This year's closing ceremony will be a by-invitation only exhibition showcasing participants' reflections and visions for Singapore. Each team will deliver the following:

  • A booth exhibiting creative expressions of their Operation V50 experiences and presenting their vision for the future of Singapore in their respective SG50 domains. Exhibits may include photographs, music videos, drama or other creative modes of expression, providing an insight into the heartbeat and aspirations of Singapore's youth.
  • A Vision Tree, which represents the participants' collective vision and aspirations for Singapore's future, will be assembled and presented as Pre-University Seminar 2015's birthday gift to the nation.
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