More Continuing Education Opportunities for Polytechnic Graduates

Published Date: 18 May 2015 12:00 AM

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Enhanced Post-Diploma Certificate Courses to be launched to refresh and deepen skills

1.As part of the national SkillsFuture movement to provide individuals with opportunities to develop to their fullest potential regardless of their starting points, polytechnic graduates can look forward to refreshing and deepening their skills and knowledge through compressed and enhanced Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) courses.

2.From October 2015, polytechnic graduates from the five polytechnics in Singapore who have graduated from a relevant course of study for at least two years will be able to enrol in such Enhanced PDC courses. These Enhanced PDC courses will help refresh and deepen individuals’ industry-relevant skills and knowledge, given that some time would have passed since these individuals graduated from their diploma programmes.

3.These Enhanced PDC courses will typically be run more intensively to allow individuals to complete them in a shorter duration. The typical duration of the Enhanced PDC courses will be around one to two months. For individuals who did not join related fields immediately after graduation from the polytechnics, they will therefore be able to join the industry that they have trained for faster, and with a set of refreshed skills. The Enhanced PDC courses will be conducted twice a year, with classes starting in July and October of each year. The first run will commence in October 2015.

4.Students who successfully complete an Enhanced PDC course will receive the same certificate that is issued to students who complete equivalent PDCs that make up part-time Advanced Diploma or Specialised Diploma courses. Enhanced PDCs can be recognised for credit exemption and can count towards attainment of corresponding Advanced Diplomas or Specialised Diplomas should the individual subsequently decide to enrol into the relevant courses (subject to existing course requirements).

5.Course fees for Singapore Citizens undertaking their first Enhanced PDC course to be waived, to encourage first steps toward continual education and training

6.To encourage individuals to take their first steps towards continual upgrading and lifelong learning, course fees for Singapore Citizens (SCs) undertaking their first Enhanced PDC course will be waived if they have not taken any PDC course previously. These individuals will only need to pay a nominal sign-up fee of $50 to defray administrative costs. SCs who take subsequent Enhanced PDC courses and other post-diploma courses will continue to enjoy the 85 per cent course subsidy provided by MOE.

Ten Enhanced PDC courses to be launched as a start

7.As a start, the polytechnics will be launching 10 of such courses in the areas of applied sciences, maritime, engineering, and information and communications technology. The courses in the pilot phase were chosen carefully to ensure a wide coverage of sectors. Over time, under the joint leadership of polytechnics and the industry, more Enhanced PDCs will be made available for other key growth and priority sectors. Details on the feeder diploma programmes for these Enhanced PDC courses can be found in the Annex.

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