Developing Budding Sports Talents: Revisions to Junior Sports Academy Programme

Published Date: 30 March 2015 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1.In the current Junior Sports Academy (JSA) programme, student-athletes undergo spo rt-specific training in their specific sports.  This will be revised from April this year.  To enable students to explore, discover and develop their areas of interest and strengths, the JSA programme will be revised as follows:

  • Budding sporting talents will be identified and developed with a broad-based physical sports programme, to strengthen their overall physical competencies and motivation in sports at the primary school level.
  • These students will explore and discover their strength and passion in a range of sports at the primary school level, and subsequently make an informed choice to commit to one of them with more targeted support from schools and relevant sports organisations at the secondary school level and beyond.

2.Starting this year, every Primary 4 student will have the opportunity to be nominated by their teachers or parents for the selection trial.  An additional window for selection will be conducted in Primary 5, to allow other suitable students to join the programme.  The trial will consist of an evaluation of students’ general physical ability, without focusing on any sport-specific skills.

3.Selected students will participate in a two-year programme (from Primary 4 Semester 2 to Primary 6 Semester 1).  They will choose four sports modules to participate in.  Each sport module is conducted once a week over one semester, and followed up with sports-related workshops at the end of the module. The programme will be conducted in 10 JSA centres (see Annex A) hosted in schools near MRT stations and spread across Singapore to facilitate easy access.  At the end of the JSA programme, students will have a stronger sports foundation. They will be more aware of their sporting strengths, interests and sports more suited for them.

Nomination and selection trial details

4.The selection trials for the first cohort of students will be conducted over two Saturdays, 25 April and 2 May 2015, at the Singapore Sports School.  Nomination for the selection trial will be done through schools.  Should parents wish to nominate their child directly for the trial or have further queries, they can

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