SkillsFuture: Individual Learning Portfolio

Published Date: 25 February 2015 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1.The Individual Learning Portfolio is a one-stop online education, training and jobs portal that will help Singaporeans take charge of their career and lifelong learning.

2.As a part of the SkillsFuture initiatives, the Individual Learning Portfolio portal will be implemented in stages over the next few years with the first release scheduled for 2017. The portal will be an interactive online service, providing individuals with the necessary tools to support their education, training and career needs, regardless of whether they are students or working adults. Overall, the goal is to promote lifelong learning and build greater career resilience in individuals.

3.The Individual Learning Portfolio will provide individuals with a better understanding of their own strengths and interests, through the online psychometric and skills inventory assessment tools. These assessment tools will help individuals understand their work interests, skills confidence and work values, facilitating exploration and decision making. Based on these assessments, the portal will also provide intelligent job matching and training recommender functions where individuals will be linked up to the relevant types of industries and occupations, as well as jobs available via the Jobs Bank. This process enables individuals to better identify and understand their current skills gaps based on the demands of the industry, allowing them to match relevant training and education as recommended by their Individual Learning Portfolio, and facilitate their own career development. The portal will also hold a repository of self-help articles, labour market information and Government subsidised training courses, which will act as references for individuals in their decision making - be it to stay in an industry, change occupations or re-skill to enter a new or adjacent field. The various elements of the portal complement one another to help individuals make better career and training choices.

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