Director-General of Education Retires After 36 Years of Service

Published Date: 24 February 2015 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1.Ms Ho Peng, 60, Director-General of Education (DGE), will be retiring from the Education Service on 31 March 2015. Ms Ho joined the Education Service in 1979. Starting as a teacher in National Junior College, she has contributed in various capacities both at MOE HQ and in school during her meritorious career spanning 36 years. Ms Ho was appointed as Director-General of Education in April 2009.

2.As DGE, Ms Ho has put in place many initiatives that have a lasting impact on education in Singapore. In 2009, she oversaw the launch of the 21st Century Competencies Framework which has underpinned our approach to holistic education to better prepare our students to thrive in a fast-changing and highly-connected world.

3.Ms Ho was instrumental in anchoring MOE’s focus on values and character development, as well as placing greater emphasis on Physical, Art and Music Education. This has enabled students to develop physical robustness, enhance their creative and expressive capacities, as well as shape their personal, cultural and social identity.

4.An advocate of bilingualism, Ms Ho was instrumental in securing the Stellar Programme to provide all primary school pupils a strong foundation in the English Language. She was also a champion of Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Education, and led the MTL Review Committee in 2010. Arising from the review, greater emphasis has been placed to help students enjoy learning their MTLs and become proficient in using them in a variety of real-life settings.

5.More recently, Ms Ho provided guidance in pre-school education, and oversaw the opening of pilot MOE Kindergartens in 2014. Under Ms Ho’s leadership, the Singapore national examinations and assessment system was strengthened, and the assessment literacy and competencies of our teachers deepened.

6.As a firm believer that teachers are at the heart of quality education, Ms Ho oversaw the establishment of the Academy of Singapore Teachers, five academies and centres which spearheaded professional development and pedagogical excellence in the areas of sports, arts, and the languages.

7.Acknowledging Ms Ho’s invaluable contributions, Permanent Secretary for Education Ms Chan Lai Fung shares: “Ms Ho Peng will be remembered for her commitment, sound professional judgement, action-orientation and people-centeredness. Under her strong leadership, she has led a quiet transformation of what and how we need to teach our children, to ready them for the future. The Ministry is deeply appreciative of Ms Ho’s dedication to the education service.”

8.Ms Ho will continue to contribute to MOE in the capacity of an advisor with effect from 1 April 2015.

9.Mr Wong Siew Hoong, 55, will succeed as Director-General of Education on 1 April 2015, and will concurrently hold his position of Deputy Director-General (Curriculum). Mr Wong joined the Education Service in 1984 as a teacher at Victoria Junior College. Since then, he has held a number of principal-ships and senior appointments in MOE HQ. Mr Wong was appointed as Director of Schools in 2004, and to his current appointment as Deputy Director-General of Education (Curriculum) at end 2011.

10.Reflecting on her 36 years of service, Ms Ho said: “I have been fortunate to have found my calling in education. This has led to a deeply fulfilling life. It has been a great honour and privilege to serve with dedicated and professional colleagues, both in schools and HQ. Our education system has come a long way in the last 50 years. I am proud of the people we have serving in the education system.”

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