MOE Kindergartens Launch New Programme to Help Parents Better Support Their Preschool Children's Holistic Development

Published Date: 17 February 2015 12:00 AM

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Five new MOE Kindergartens to open in 2016

1.The Ministry of Education (MOE) Kindergartens will launch a Leading and Inspiring Families of Early Learners @ MOE Kindergartens (LIFE@MK) programme to better support parents of the children in MOE Kindergartens in understanding their children’s holistic development during the pre-school years. Five more MOE Kindergartens will open in 2016, bringing the total number of MOE Kindergartens to 15.

Launch of LIFE@MK programme

2.Recognising the key role that families play in enriching children’s learning experience and development, the LIFE@MK programme will offer centre-based workshops conducted by MOE specialists and MOE Kindergarten educators. The workshops will draw on the children’s learning experiences in the MOE Kindergartens and help parents understand approaches that are appropriate for their children’s holistic development. This will complement how the MOE Kindergartens build children’s self-confidence, social skills, and foundational language, literacy and numeracy skills. Other topics include supporting children’s holistic development and preparation for and transition to primary school. The centre-based workshops will be customised for the families by relating the content to the activities in their children’s kindergarten and providing practical tips and advice on how families can support their children’s learning at home.

3.This is in addition to the regular conversations with the families, and family bonding activities organised by the MOE Kindergartens. Parents indicated they welcomed the partnership efforts and have expressed a strong interest in how they could play a part in their child’s holistic learning and development.

Five new MOE Kindergartens in 2016

4.Five new MOE Kindergartens will begin operations in 2016. Four will be located within primary schools (Northoaks Primary, Riverside Primary, Springdale Primary and Westwood Primary) and one will be located in the community (Blk 470A/C Fernvale Link). Kindergarten care services will be available for parents who wish to have a full-day programme for their children at the five new MOE Kindergartens. The care services will be provided in the premises of the MOE Kindergartens.

Registration for MOE Kindergartens

5.The Registration Exercise for 2016 admission to Kindergarten 1 (K1) will be held in April. The registration exercise is open to Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident children born between 2 January 2011 and 1 January 2012 (both dates inclusive).

6.Parents may visit the MOE Kindergartens’ Open Houses to find out more about the curriculum, programmes and facilities offered. Details of the Open Houses held in March 2015 and Registration Exercise held in April 2015 are in Annex A.

7.Details of the admission criteria and registration procedures are in Annex B. More information about the MOE Kindergartens is in Annex C.

8.Parents are encouraged to sign up for the Open House they are attending at They are advised to use public transport to get to the MOE Kindergartens. Those who are driving could park at nearby public car parks.

About MOE Kindergartens

9.In 2013, MOE announced that 15 MOE Kindergartens would be set up over the next three years. The objectives of the MOE Kindergartens are to provide quality pre-school education that is affordable to Singaporeans, to pilot teaching and learning resources and to establish good practices for sharing with the pre-school sector.

10.The key features of the MOE Kindergarten curriculum are its distinct Singapore flavour, and its two flagship programmes - the Starlight Literacy Programme and the HI-Light Programme. The curriculum features a distinct Singapore flavour which allows children to learn in an authentic context. The Starlight Literacy Programme aims to nurture early childhood bilingualism and is offered in both English and the three official Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs) . The HI-Light Programme supports the holistic development of children through integrated learning experiences.

11.Teachers use two core pedagogies to engage children in learning: first, purposeful play, where children participate in activities that are enjoyable and deliberately planned to achieve important learning outcomes. Second, quality interactions, where teachers use prompts and ask key questions to engage children in conversations to help them build on ideas and concepts.

12.For more information about the MOE Kindergartens, parents may wish to visit, or contact the individual kindergartens. For more information about the MOE Kindergartens commencing in 2016, parents may contact MOE at or 6872 2220 (Mondays to Fridays: 8.00am to 6.00pm, Saturdays: 8.00am to 1.00pm).

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