Modified NAPFA Test for Pre-National Service Students from 2015

Published Date: 06 November 2014 12:00 AM

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1.The National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) test was introduced in Singapore schools in 1982 at the secondary and pre-university levels, and in 1992 at the primary level. Currently, the NAPFA test comprises six test items to assess the different components of overall fitness. The six test items are customised for different age groups. For the post-secondary students, the test items are sit-up, pull-up (for males)/inclined pull-up (for females), sit-and-reach, standing broad jump, shuttle run and 2.4km run/walk.

2.From January 2015, the NAPFA pull-up test will be replaced by a push-up test for pre-National Service (NS) students in pre-university institutions1 , polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education. This will facilitate the use of the NAPFA test results for pre-enlistment purpose, in line with the modifications in the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) announced earlier by MINDEF2 .

3.The NAPFA test, with its six test items, will continue to provide a comprehensive indicator of students’ health- and performance-related fitness for MOE’s purpose of developing students physically. There will be no change to the NAPFA test items for all students at the primary and secondary levels, and for female students in pre-university institutions, polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education. Inclined pull-up and pull-up will continue to be used for this group to train upper body muscular strength and endurance.

4.The table below shows the NAPFA and new IPPT items with effect from 2015.

NAPFA test items for primary and secondary school students, and female students in pre-university institutions, polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education NAPFA test items for pre-NS students in pre-university institutions, polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education IPPT items (pilot from 1 Sep 2014, full implementation expected in 2015)
Sit-Up Sit-Up Sit-Up
Pull-Up (Male)/ Inclined Pull-Up (Younger Male/ Female) Push-Up (New) Push-Up (New)
Sit-and-Reach Sit-and-Reach
Standing Broad Jump Standing Broad Jump
Shuttle Run Shuttle Run
2.4 km Run/walk / 1.6 km Run/walk (for primary school students) 2.4 km Run/walk 2.4 km Run

About Physical Education Syllabus 2014

5.MOE’s new physical education (PE) syllabus is being introduced in stages from primary to pre-university level from 2014. The new syllabus aims to equip students with the ability to engage in a wide range of physical activities and sports. This will lay a strong foundation for a lifelong pursuit of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

6.Physical fitness will continue to be emphasised through the new Holistic Assessment3 in PE, which will be introduced to all schools in 2016 to support the new PE syllabus. It will help students develop a holistic perspective of fitness and the enjoyment of exercise and sports. Students will track their fitness level, participation in sports, games, and other physical activities. In addition, students will design their own programmes to achieve their desired fitness levels for different purposes.

  1. This includes Junior Colleges and Millennia Institute.
  2. In July 2014, the Ministry of Defence launched a new Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), which comprises push-up and sit-up stations, and a 2.4km run.
  3. Holistic Assessment in PE does not count towards promotion to the next level.
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