Better Ways, Better Ideas, Better Tools To Support Teachers And Schools

Published Date: 23 September 2014 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1.The Ministry of Education (MOE) will support teachers and schools to deepen the culture of improving, innovating, co-creating and sharing of effective teaching resources and process innovations. By supporting this culture, MOE hopes to create time and space for our teachers and schools to deliver more impactful learning experiences and achieve better education outcomes for our students.

Process Innovations

2.Schools have been developing a culture of improving and innovating on processes by harnessing technology. Some schools, for example, have tapped on technology for attendance taking so that attendance for the day can be updated more effortlessly and expediently.

3.MOE has also started to centrally identify effective process innovations and other best practices started by schools, for the purpose of scaling these solutions across schools. Examples include:

  • e-MEAL Coupon System (eMCS). MOE adapted an e-system developed by Blangah Rise Primary School where students on the school breakfast programme simply scanned their student smartcard against a card reader installed at each canteen stall. The cost of the meal will automatically be captured in the system. This is in place of hardcopy coupons that were previously issued to these students.

  • Enhanced School Store Management System (ESSMS). MOE studied best practices in the logistics industry and developed the ESSMS to help all schools improve store management practices. This involves the use of bar coding to tag school assets, so that assets can be more easily identified and tracked using bar-code scanners in regular checks and annual stock taking. It also helps schools to maintain an up-to-date list of school assets, which can be viewed on a web-based system. Teachers and school staff no longer need to manually count and update the list of equipment under their charge.

4.MOE will provide more centralised support to schools in finance and procurement. MOE will be introducing Finance Partners, with each Finance Partner providing dedicated support to a cluster of schools for more complex finance and procurement matters. The Finance Partners will also identify and share best practices across schools.

Quality Digital Teaching and Learning Resources

5.A Student Learning Space (SLS) - an online integrated learning space - will provide both teachers and students access to quality digital teaching and learning resources. It will consolidate the resources produced by MOE, teachers in schools or curated from other sources, curated by MOE and aligned to the national curriculum. The SLS will be implemented in all primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institute progressively, starting from 2016.

6.The SLS will enhance our teachers’ delivery of lessons and create opportunities for their professional development through learning online from others. Through the SLS, teachers may create and share new teaching resources with one another to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their teaching. Subject-based teaching tools will be available to guide teachers in designing activities for students to develop inquiry and problem-solving skills. Teachers can also monitor students’ e-Portfolios and provide feedback on students’ learning progress.

7.The SLS will thus engage students more deeply in learning. For example, a student can find learning materials to help him understand a concept better, and use the collaborative tools provided to hold a discussion with his classmates and teacher on the materials to further his learning.

8.MOE will continue to actively harness quality teaching and learning resources and spread IT innovations widely across schools, so that our teachers can grow to be more effective and deliver better student outcomes, and in so doing, bring out the best in every child.

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