Art Teachers&#8217; Exhibition <em>a-edge</em> opens on 7 March

Published Date: 05 March 2014 12:00 AM

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Some 36 artwork pieces by more than 40 teacher-artists will be featured at this year’s art teachers’ exhibition which opens from 7 March to 19 March 2014, 12.00 to 8.00pm, at the School Of the Arts (SOTA) Art Gallery. The range of artworks includes paintings, photographs, videos, ceramics, mixed media assemblages and performance installations. Admission to the exhibition is free.

Titled “a-edge”, the annual exhibition now in its 3rd year celebrates arts educators who seek to hone their artistic and creative skills, and explore the cutting edge of arts practice and pedagogical research. Participating teacher-artists would share lesson ideas derived from their artworks with other art teachers, and build collaborative communities to transform classroom teaching.

The lesson ideas will be shared with gallery visitors via a QR code printed on exhibition wall labels. This mobile app feature enables other teachers to retrieve the lesson ideas in-situ and reflect on how art can connect everyday experience, social critique, and creative expression with student learning.

The exhibition is curated by Miss Daniela Beltrani, a performance artist and independent curator with vast experience working with practising artists and curating exhibitions. Sample images of the artworks can be found in Annex A and details of the exhibition can be found in Annex B.

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