Schemes for Extra Curricular Training or Enrichment Programme

Published Date: 08 November 2016 12:00 AM

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Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Dr Tan Wu Meng, Jurong GRC


To ask the Acting Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) whether the Ministry will consider creating a SkillsFuture-equivalent scheme for Singaporeans aged under 25 years to help them pursue extra-curricular training or enrichment courses which may not be available in their present educational institution.


1. All Singaporeans below 30 years of age have a Post-Secondary Education Account, or PSEA, to support their learning needs.

2. First, there are approved programmes at certificate, diploma, post-diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels at our publicly-funded post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs).

3. Second, there are some 500 skills-based modular courses approved by MOE at our polytechnics and publicly-funded universities, and around 2,000 Singapore Workforce Qualifications (WSQ) courses offered by WSQ Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centres today.

4. In addition, Singaporeans who are studying in these PSEIs can also use their PSEA to pay for the fees and charges for selected extra-curricular training or local and overseas enrichment programmes. Such programmes could either be conducted by the PSEIs or external organisers, but are approved by the PSEIs. Examples of such programmes include overseas attachments, leadership training courses, short study trips or tours, community involvement programmes, seminars, workshops and conferences.

5. The PSEA thus supports young Singaporeans in accessing learning opportunities over a wide spectrum of programmes. They are empowered to take charge of their learning needs, so that they can be future ready and economically relevant.

6. Nevertheless, we note the Member’s suggestion that there may be other programmes that could be included under the coverage of the PSEA. We acknowledge that the learning space is dynamic, and we would like to assure him that we review the coverage of the PSEA regularly, with the intention of providing even more options for young Singaporeans.

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