2018 K1 Orientation at MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

We visited MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh, which is located within First Toa Payoh Primary School, during their first-ever K1 Orientation on 16 November. Here's a glimpse of what happened that day!

MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green

K1 children and their families were given a warm welcome by Mr Chua Choon Guan, Principal of First Toa Payoh Primary School and Ms Yvonne Yu, Centre Head of MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh. With the kindergarten situated within the primary school, kindergarten children and primary school students will have opportunities to interact through joint activities, learning from one another in the process.

MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green

Families spent quality time together, creating ice-cream stick photo frames! Children were tasked to bring family photos to include in the photo frames they had created on the first day of kindergarten.

At MOE Kindergarten, family-based activities are provided to encourage families to be involved in their children's learning, thereby enriching children's learning experiences.

MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green

Exploring their soon-to-be learning environment! These art and craft materials will come in handy when children engage in fun learning activities during MOE Kindergarten's HI-Light Programme and Starlight Literacy Programme.

2018 MOE Kindergarten K2 Celebrations

It's the time of the year for MOE Kindergartens' K2 Celebrations!

To mark the completion of their pre-school years, the K2 children worked with their teachers and friends to plan and hold the celebrations. Families were invited to join in the fun, marking an end to their memorable two-year journey with MOE Kindergarten.

Here are some snippets of how MOE Kindergarten @ Sengkang Green, MOE Kindergarten @ Blangah Rise, MOE Kindergarten @ Fernvale Link and MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines celebrated this year!

MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines

Behind-the-scene with MOE Kindergarten @ Sengkang Green: The children were busy preparing for a musical performance for their families and teachers! The musical included a dikir barat (Malay choral singing) performance. The children also enjoyed dancing along to a Tamil song that their Indian friends had learnt during the Tamil Language Starlight Literacy Programme.

MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines

At MOE Kindergarten @ Blangah Rise: Revolving around the theme "The Little Red Dot", the children confidently performed a dance based on a song that they had learnt during their HI-Light Programme! The children had worked with their teacher and friends to choreograph the dance steps.

MOE Kindergarten @ Fernvale Link

At MOE Kindergarten @ Fernvale Link: Time for some bonding and action! The energetic children displayed their gross motor skills as they worked hand-in-hand with their families to complete a FUNtastic obstacle course. From Jan 2019, MOE Kindergarten @ Fernvale Link will be relocated to Fern Green Primary School as MOE Kindergarten @ Fern Green.

MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines

At MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines: Let's play together! Communicating in Chinese, the children taught their parents a fun game that they had enjoyed during their Chinese Language Starlight Literacy Programme.

MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines

Also at MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines: We love pandas! To share what they had learnt about pandas during a learning journey to River Safari, the children rewrote the lyrics of a Malay song about pandas and choreographed their own dance to accompany it!

2017 MOE Kindergarten K2 Celebrations

As the final term of 2017 drew to a close, Kindergarten 2 (K2) children, together with their teachers, discussed how they would celebrate the end of one of the milestones in their learning journey. Here is a peek into how some of our MOE Kindergarten K2 children marked this day of celebration with their families, peers and teachers.

MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green

At MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green: The children had choreographed the dance steps and were excited to share the music they had learnt to play using the resonator bars and kompangs!

MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong

At MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong: The skit was adapted by the children based on a book their teacher had read to them. They wanted to share with their families about the importance of keeping their environment clean.

MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View

At MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View: Parents had fun with their children as together, they sought ways to escape from the giant spider web. The gross motor skills the children had learnt came in handy!

MOE Kindergarten @ West Spring

At MOE Kindergarten @ West Spring: Heartfelt words from the K2 children were shared about what they were going to miss most about their kindergarten. They included their teachers’ words of encouragement to them.

PM Lee’s Visit to MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View

PM Lee visited the MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View recently to find out more about how we engage children in learning through purposeful play.

During his visit, our children invited PM to join them in making an art work of our national flower using the symmetric painting method. He also saw children learning outdoors as they worked on making planters with recycled bottles at the garden together with their friends and teachers. This activity served to help children learn the importance of recycling and inculcate in them care and respect for the.

Watch this video to see more!

Pyjama Party-Reading Workshop at MOE Kindergarten @ Springdale

The children and parents at MOE Kindergarten @ Springdale had an exciting night recently! Dressed in their pyjamas, children and parents came together and bonded through reading. The party was organised to give parents and children an opportunity to have fun and also for teachers to share tips with parents on cultivating the reading habit in their children. Parents shared that they appreciated the opportunity to spend quality time with their children. Check out the photos below!

Pyjama Party-Reading Workshop
Pyjama Party-Reading Workshop
Pyjama Party-Reading Workshop
Pyjama Party-Reading Workshop
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