Kindergarten Care

MOE Kindergarten (MK) offers a 4-hour programme. Parents who require a full-day service may opt for Kindergarten Care (KCare), which is provided by MOE-appointed service providers and based on MOE guidelines.

From 2019, KCare will be available at all MKs except MK@Tampines. KCare is available only for children enrolled in the respective MKs.


KCare provides the time and space for children to play, explore and discover in a conducive environment that meets the developmental needs of young children. Your child will have a variety of play experiences and exposure to different areas of interest.

KCare provides opportunities for children to:

  • Engage in indoor and outdoor play
  • Play with friends and interact with the larger community
  • Explore and discover the world around them

KCare operates from 7am – 7pm on Mondays to Fridays, including school holidays. The Kindergarten Care centres close for up to 6 days each year, in addition to gazetted public holidays. MOE Kindergarten and Kindergarten Care centre closure dates will be co-ordinated to ensure that they coincide as far as possible.

The schedule for children enrolled in the morning and afternoon sessions is listed in the table below.

Schedule for children enrolled in the morning session of MOE Kindergarten Schedule for children enrolled in the afternoon session of MOE Kindergarten
7am - 8am KCare 7am - 1pm KCare
8am - 12pm MOE Kindergarten 1pm - 5pm MOE Kindergarten
12pm - 7pm KCare 5pm - 7pm KCare

The monthly fee for Kindergarten Care in 2019 ranges from $325 to $386.

All Singapore citizen children are eligible for a basic subsidy of $150 per month and no application is required.

An Additional Subsidy is also provided and this is tiered according to income. The eligibility criteria for the Additional Subsidy are:

  1. The mother/single father of the Singapore Citizen children is working 56 hours or more per month; and
  2. The family's total Gross monthly Household Income (HHI) is $7,500 and below or the Per Capita Income (PCI) is $1,875 and below.

Note: The child must attend at least one day of KCare to qualify for the monthly subsidies.

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