Our Partnerships

We believe that education goes beyond educating the child. It is also about building strong partnerships with families and the community to enrich the learning experiences of the children.

We adopt the following tenets in our partnerships:

With our experience working with schools, parents and the community, MOE supports the MOE Kindergartens with resources and good practices to foster these partnerships. We also work with the Early Childhood Development Agency to support parents besides those with children in our MOE Kindergartens.

Through these partnerships, we hope to deepen parents' understanding about pre-school education and the transition to primary school, so that children develop holistically and are ready for future learning.

As we develop our practices in these areas, we will also share them with other pre-school centres as part of our mandate to share good practices with the sector.

If you have ideas for partnerships with the MOE Kindergartens, please contact us at

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