Weeks of Wonder

To deepen children's learning, each term at MOE Kindergarten culminates in a Weeks of Wonder (WoW) project. Children work together with their peers and teachers to investigate topics of their interest. Through the WoW projects, children experience the joy of self-motivated learning and find answers to their questions. These experiences seek to:

Here are some WoW projects which MOE Kindergarten children embarked on!

All About Guinea Pigs

How do guinea pigs run? How do guinea pigs drink water? Why do guinea pigs have sharp nails? These were questions the children of MOE Kindergarten @ West Spring asked during their WoW project – 'All about Guinea Pigs'. In this project, the children adopted two guinea pigs, Dewdrop and Inuka, as their class pets. Through the project, children learnt to be responsible for a pet and also to care and respect other living things.

Getting to know Dewdrop and Inuka. The children developed patience when holding the guinea pigs, learning to release the guinea pigs if they struggled too much.

Working together to set up the cage for Dewdrop and Inuka.

Taking turns to care for the Dewdrop and Inuka on different days of the week. The children's duties included washing and filling the food bowl, changing the water in the water bottle, adding hay and providing banana leaves and carrots for the guinea pigs.

Taking turns to look out for Dewdrop and Inuka when taking them on outdoor walks.

Leshantiny's documentation of a field trip to the neighbourhood pet shop, where children went in search for answers to their questions. Leshantiny asked why the guinea pig's food bowl was bigger than a hamster's food bowl. She found out from the owner of the pet shop that the guinea pig needs a bigger bowl because it is a larger animal.

All About Flowers

Do flowers have smell? Can we touch all flowers? What can we do with flowers?

These were some questions raised by the curious children at MOE Kindergarten @ Springdale during their Tamil Starlight Literacy Programme. Together with their peers and Tamil Language teacher, the children embarked on a Tamil Language WoW project in the quest for answers to their questions. Through this project, the children learn to work with their peers and experienced the joy of self-motivated learning through exploration and problem-solving.

Join them on their journey to discover the world of flowers!

"Look, there is a bee!" exclaimed the children. The children were thrilled to find a bee gathering nectar from flowers in the school garden.

Walking through the school garden, the children discovered many different kinds of flowers. They touched and smelt the flowers to learn more about them.

The children enthusiastically shared their observations with their teacher and peers. Their curiosity was piqued when they discovered that the petals of the white rose had a change in colour after it was dipped into a coloured solution.

Learning to take care of their class plant. Through the experience, the children learned to exercise care and develop patience as they watched their plant grow.

Helping to prepare chrysanthemum tea for the class. The children enjoyed the sweet taste of the floral drink and learned that some flowers could be used to make food and drinks.

The children watched keenly when the teacher demonstrated how a flower garland could be made.

Potpourri time! The children found out that they could create pleasant scents for people to enjoy by mixing different types of dried flower petals.

At the end of their exploration, the children had a fun time creating their very own potpourri.

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