MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green

Punggol Freen Centre Head - Yvonne Yu

Yvonne Yu

Centre Head, MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green

"Children learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process."

Yvonne's image of children is one where every child is unique, each having their own strengths and interests. She believes that children learn best when actively involved in the learning process, and that their potential should be nurtured in a caring, safe and supportive environment through quality interactions. Quality interactions are about adults listening and being thoughtful in their interactions with children.

She values relationships formed with the children, parents and her team of teachers. She seeks to strengthen these relationships through mutual respect and trust, to facilitate positive learning outcomes for the children.

Punggol Freen Centre Head - Azlin Binte Ali

Azlin Binte Ali


"Play is the work of young children and their primary avenue to understanding their world."

Azlin sees children as competent learners who learn in different ways. She believes that for children to enjoy learning, it is important to engage them in activities that interest them. The activities could even be inspired or initiated by the children themselves. When children are engaged in purposeful play, they will naturally learn and enjoy their journey of learning.

Azlin believes that parents can support their children's development. She partners parents in nurturing their children and helping them maximise their learning potential during their journey with MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green.

Programmes Available

K1, K2, KCare


MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green Punggol Green Primary School
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Operating Hours

MK: 8am – 5pm
KCare: 7am – 7pm

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