MOE Kindergarten @ Oasis

Oasis Centre Head - Doris Ong

Doris Ong

Centre Head, MOE Kindergarten @ Oasis

"I am committed to developing a team of quality teachers to make a difference to the children."

Doris champions innovative teaching and learning practices at MOE Kindergarten @ Oasis. Her extensive experience as a pre-school educator has enabled her to initiate programmes that engage children in learning through fun and enjoyable activities. She is an avid learner who believes in the professional development of her staff. Doris has led her teachers on many learning journeys to enhance their professional competencies. She is also an active participant in educational forums and seeks to inspire her colleagues in the fraternity with her professional expertise.

Oasis Deputy Centre Head - Shirleen Tan

Shirleen Tan

Deputy Centre Head, MOE Kindergarten @ Oasis

“A teacher who provides a welcoming and enriching environment will nurture children to be happy, confident, responsible and positive towards learning.”

Shirleen believes that teachers play an important role in a child’s holistic development. Children will strive to learn when teachers are encouraging and passionate in their teaching. She also emphasizes the need for teachers to cultivate a good relationship with parents and children, so that they can better understand the children and guide them to reach their full potential.

Shirleen takes time to communicate with the teachers regularly. She encourages teachers to reflect, share good practices with one another and develop a positive attitude towards lifelong learning. She hopes that this will allow teachers to constantly improve their knowledge and skills, leading to a community of quality pre-school educators in Singapore.

Programmes Available

K1, K2, KCare


MOE Kindergarten @ Oasis
Oasis Primary School
71 Edgefield Plains
Singapore 828716


Tel: 6282 4864

Operating Hours

MK: 8am – 5pm
KCare: 7am – 7pm

Collaboration with Early Years Centre(s)

This MOE Kindergarten is in collaboration with an Early Years Centre(s) which provide infant care and childcare services for children aged two months to four years.

Partner Early Years Centre(s):

  • PCF Sparkletots Preschool @
    Punggol North

    50 Edgefield Plains
    Singapore 828717
    Tel: 6244 4780

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