MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong

Dazhong Centre Head - Marina Ho

Marina Ho

Centre Head, MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong

"I believe the success of our future lies in our children's hands. A quality pre-school education will nurture a child cognitively, build language skills, confidence, and instil the learning dispositions to ensure readiness for lifelong learning and contribution to society."

Marina has been in the pre-school sector for 10 years and believes that with good teaching and the right environment, all children can be nurtured to achieve their potential. She encourages children to explore and make their own choices, as this is an important process in cultivating them as independent learners.

Her team of educators strive to teach children the right values and nurture dispositions so as to lay a strong foundation for future learning. They also collaborate closely with parents and the community to facilitate quality learning experiences for the children.

Programmes Available

K1, K2
KCare (From 2019)


MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong
Dazhong Primary School
35 Bukit Batok Street 31
Singapore 659441


Tel: 6896 0738
Fax: 6896 0671

Operating Hours

MK: 8am – 5pm
KCare: 7am – 7pm (From 2019)

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