Our Team

At MOE Kindergarten, our team of centre heads, teachers and curriculum specialists work closely together to provide a strong start for every child. Our team of qualified educators have the dispositions and experience to carry out their roles effectively.


Our Centre Heads

Our Centre Heads are educators who lead, care and inspire. They provide curriculum leadership to ensure the quality of our programmes and guide teachers in honing their teaching pedagogies. They also partner parents to bring about the best possible learning outcomes for children.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are passionate about nurturing young minds. They engage children in learning through quality interactions and create a safe, caring and respectful learning environment.

Our Curriculum Specialists

Our Centre Heads and teachers are supported by a team of curriculum specialists responsible for developing the MOE Kindergarten flagship programmes. This is the same team that developed the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework, which guides the design of quality kindergarten programmes for the pre-school sector in Singapore.

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