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11 March 2005



204 Schools Receive Schools Video Awards



1.         The Ministry of Education and Ngee Ann Polytechnic (School of Film and Media Studies) hosted the Sixth Schools Video Awards Ceremony today to honour the effort of 204 schools in their video production ventures.


2.         The guest of honour for this event was Mr. Daniel Yun, the Chief Executive Officer of MediaCorp Raintree Pictures.


Schools Video Awards


3.         The Schools Video Awards (SVA) creates opportunities for students to pursue and express their ideas through the medium of video. In the process, students learn to respect intellectual property rights and to put forward their messages in a responsible manner.


4.         Participants are free to choose the genre they wish to work on. The genres available traditionally are documentary and drama. This year saw the birth of a new category, ‘Advertisements’, to provide students with yet another venue to channel their creative energies, and to challenge them to deliver messages in a persuasive manner.


5.         Students from primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and the centralised institute were invited in June 2004 to form teams to participate in the SVA competition. More details of entries and background information of SVA are given in Annex A.


6.         At the ceremony, winning teams received prizes in the form of trophies, product vouchers, and gifts sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Media Development Authority, Epecom Technology & Distribution Pte Ltd, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd and Pinnacle Systems. All participating schools received plaques while all participants received certificates of participation. The names of the award winners are given in Annex B.  



                                                                                                               Annex A






1.         The Schools Video Awards (SVA) is organised for all primary, secondary and pre-university students. Students work in teams of up to six students, with a teacher-facilitator to produce the videos. Each school may send up to 2 entries. A total number of 320 entries from 96 primary schools, 95 secondary schools, and 13 junior colleges were submitted for the competition this year.




2.         The SVA comprises 5 categories:


a)   Documentary at Primary Level is for primary school students who have to submit a 5-minute documentary on any topic with educational content and/or values.


b)   Documentary at Secondary and JC/CI Level is for secondary school and pre-university students who have to submit a 10-minute documentary on any topic with educational content and/or values.


c)   Drama at Secondary and JC/CI Level is for secondary and pre-university students who have to submit a 15-minute drama on any topic of their choice.


d) Advertisements at Primary Level is for primary students who have to submit a 1-minute advertisement on the topic of ‘Values’.


e) Advertisements at Secondary and JC/CI Level is for secondary and pre-university students who have to submit a 1-minute advertisement on the topic of ‘Values’.


3.         The winning entries will receive Platinum, Gold, Silver, Merit and Special Mention awards.  All participants of the 6th SVA Competition will receive certificates of accomplishment. There is also an award for the Best Actor and Best Actress in the Drama Category. A total number of 74 awards (7 Platinum Awards; 8 Gold Awards; 16 Silver Awards; 33 Merit Awards; 8 Special Mention Awards; 1 Best Actor Award and 1 Best Actress Award) will be given out at the ceremony.




4.                   The Schools Video Awards (SVA) was first inaugurated in June 1999. It was started with the aim of providing a platform for our students to express themselves creatively through the use of video. The SVA also provides opportunities for teamwork, collaboration and development of media literacy. The SVA has since enhanced students’ understanding of the use and workings of the video medium to create a story for the intended audience, including an appreciation for the need to respect the copyright ownership of works by other producers.


                                                                                                               Annex B


Sixth Schools Video Awards Winners



Documentary (Primary)


Platinum                                               : 2 Award Winners

Gold                                                     : 3 Award Winners

Silver                                                    : 6 Award Winners

Merit                                                     : 5 Award Winners

Special Mention                                     : 1 Award Winner







CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity


1.  Bernadette Low 

2.  Joeleen Goh 

3.  Kelicia Low 

4.  Rachel Lee 

5.  Jasmin Ang 

6.  Cleo Chew 


Mr. Leonard Gomes (Teacher-facilitator)


Neh neh neh neh neh, Teacher’s Pet!


Elias Park Primary School


1.  Traci Beh Hui Ying 

2.  Jolene Lam Cheng Mun 

3.  Ian Yang Yen Wei 

4.  Tan Wen Li 

5.  Tri Abdul Syakur B. Suwarsono 

6.  Shawn Kwan Yu Xuan 


Ms. Baljeet Kaur Grewal (Teacher-facilitator)




Chongfu Primary School


1.  Zachary Kho Ming Hui 

2.  Leow Wei Shan 

3.  Law Jia Hao 

4.  Chong Hui Qi Belinda 

5.  Loo Yuh Yan 


Ms. Serene Ong (Teacher-facilitator)


Give Me a Break!


Nan Hua Primary School

1.  Gerlynn Yap Lin Ge 

2.  Chew Ying Yin 

3.  Wong Su Yee Vanice 

4. Wong Pei Shan 

5.  Chua Yi Lin 

6.  Tan Jui Tuan Maria 


Ms. Janet Chua Bee Choo (Teacher-facilitator)


A Day With The intellectually Challenged



Maha Bodhi School

1.  Tan Sze Chuen 

2.  Javan Lee 

3.  Justin Cheang 

4.  Goh Wei Chong 


Mr. Tan Hiok Chuan Preston (Teacher-facilitator)




Changkat Primary School

1.  Ahmed Saddique 

2.  Ismail Bin Zainal 

3.  Amirah Hanis 

4.  Khaleedah Bte Sairi 

5.  Sharifah Rawiah 


Ms. Nur Sobah Mahmood Bamadhaj (Teacher-facilitator)


How Would You Choose To Live Your Life?


Evergreen Primary School


1.  Azura

2.  Leon Ng 

3.  Ang Li Ting 

4.  Jasmin Tan 

5.  Iqbal 

6.  Arunesh 


Mr. James Seah (Teacher-facilitator)


Singapore, The Place I call Home


Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)


1. Tay Xiang Ying 

2.  Peck Zhining 

3.  Rachel Ng Li Jia 

4.  Ong Xiao Yii Sheila 

5.  Lim Ying Hui Katriona 

6.  Oehler Michaela Rouyi 


Ms. Lim Hui Pin (Teacher-facilitator)


Amazing  Icebergs


River Valley Primary School

1.  Norman Koay Jia Jun

2.  Chan Keng Li

3.  Chao Jung Chuan

4.  Gui Mei En May

5.  Kristalynn Yue Suet Yan


Ms. Sabrina Ng Ai Min (Teacher-facilitator)


RVPS Health Issue: Improving Eyesight


Zhenghua Primary School


1.  Foo Jiun Yang

2.  Andreyana Bte. Yahya

3.  C. Kasinthra

4.  Benjamin Ng Wei Jie

5.  Seah Chan Shao-YI

6.  Muhd. Noor Zhafran Bin Ramlan


Mrs. Liew-Lim Hui Leng & Mdm. Thana (Teacher-facilitators)


Stress – Face It & Fight It



Special Mention (Original Score)


Jurong Primary School

1.  Lim Yun Bei 

2.  Abdur Rahman 

3.  Tan Jie Yong 

4.  Goh Kang Siong 

5.  Agnes Lau Tze Ling 


Ms. Christina Wong (Teacher-facilitator)


Oh Dear, Darkness!


Anglo-Chinese School(Primary)


1.  Michael Ong Yim Kiat 

2.  Shaun Tan 

3.  Choong Jia Shun 

4.  Yow Zi Shing 


Mr. Raymond Poon (Teacher-facilitator)


Teachers - Reasons for staying on


Canberra Primary School


1.  Shong Kaiting Grace 

2.  Linn Wen Min 

3. Toh Pei Ying

4.  Shairah Ramazan 

5.  Siti Sarah D/O Abdul Majid 

6.  Shermaine Lau 


Mr. Anthony Hin Hiang (Teacher-facilitator)




Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School


1.  Yong Wai Teng 

2.  Tan Kor Woon 

3.  Cody Lee Jun Teng 

4.  Ryan Boey Khim Weng 


Mr. Tan Kian Tiong (Teacher-facilitator)


Dogs Trail


Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)


1.  Lee Shi Ying 

2.  Sharon Preethi George 

3.  Ang Poo Yin Grace 

4.  Li Cai Jia 

5.  Lee Shi Ying 


Ms. Wendy Siew (Teacher-facilitator)


School Uniforms – To wear or not to wear?


Townsville Primary School


1.  Colin Ng Jun Rong 

2.  Robin Ng Pei Yi 

3.  Sng Jia Jun 

4. Kan Pei Lin Rachel 

5.  Johnray Lee 


Ms. Premila Ratnam (Teacher-facilitator)


The Nook



  Documentary (Secondary /Pre-University)


Platinum                                               : 1 Award Winner

Gold                                                     : 1 Award Winner

Silver                                                    : 3 Award Winners

Merit                                                     : 9 Award Winners

Special Mention                                      : 1 Award Winner







St. Andrew’s Junior College


1.  Ong Di Yong

2.  Lee Xin Xian Cynthia 

3.  Tan Wei Ming Jeremy 

4.  Tang Wei Qiang 

5.  Leng Xue Zhen 

6.  Woo Zheng Kit 


Ms. Achikannoo Govindaraju & Mr. Lee Siew Tong (Teacher-facilitators)


Our Daily Bread


Canberra Secondary School


1.  Jonathan Jordan Lim Cai Lu 

2.  Siti Najihah 

3.  Fiona Lim Su Yun 

4.  Quek Mei Yin 

5.  Cheryl Heng Zi Qi 


Mr. Adrian Lim (Teacher-facilitator)


Sex and the City


Bukit Panjang Government High


1.  Wang Qian 

2.  Chua Nam Chew 

3.  Chong Limin 

4.  Lim Jia Hao 

5.  Heng Ming Xuan 

6.  Por Minyi 


Mr. Richard Lim (Teacher-facilitator)




Nan Hua Secondary School


1. Tay Yi Rong 

2.  Chia Yun Tian 

3.  Fong Kin Phang 

4.  Soon Chun Mun 

5.  Khor Jing An 


Mr Choy Chan Hong (Teacher-facilitator)


Beauty & Image



Nanyang Junior College


1.  Liu Zhipeng 

2.  Koh Yueting 

3.  Seah Siew Ping 

4.  Owyong Elena 

5.  Lin Zhiyang 

6.  Yong Ru Fui 


Mr. Pang Choon How (Teacher-facilitator)


The High Priestess of Tarot Divination


Bedok North Secondary School


1.  Rasyidah Bte Roslan 

2. Tay  TayJie Lin 

3.  Saharuddin 

4.  Mohammed Danial 

5.  Mohamed Zainudin 

6.  Lim Shang Yi 


Mr. Eugene Beh (Teacher-facilitator)


No Baby On Board


Canberra Secondary School


1.  Nurul Fitrah Bte Abd Rashid 

2.  Noor Azizah Bte Aziz 

3.  Wee Yun Xuan Denise 

4.  Muhd Hafiz Bin Jamal 

5.  Siti Suhaila Bte Rahmat 


Mdm. Mazni Bte Abu Bakar (Teacher-facilitator)


Origins Of the Fallen


Crescent Girls’ School

1.  Lee Bi Zhi 

2.  Lee Shan Shan 

3.  Sharmeen Alam 

4.  Ang Lixuan 


Mr. Josef Tan Hua Hui (Teacher-facilitator)


“Home” Away from Home


Chua ChuKang Secondary

1.  Sheena Ramazanu 

2.  Mohamed Nyiyaz 

3.  Munirah Bte Musa 

4.  Tong Yi Ling 

5.  Alvina Goh Shi Hui 


Mdm. Aileen Chai (Teacher-facilitator)


When There Is Rain, There Is Always Sunshine


Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)


1.  Chua Yi Ling Faith 

2.  Janice Kok Sook Yee 

3.  Lee Pei Shan 

4.  Deborah Amanda Goh 


Mrs. Elizabeth Lee (Teacher-facilitator)


A Tale of Two Clays



Fuhua Secondary

1.  Yeo Yi Xuan

2.  Shawn Tien

3.  Natalie Loo

4.  Yeo Yi Xuan


Ms. Betty Lee & Mrs. Elaine Toh (Teacher-facilitator)


Pets For Life


Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)


1.  Genevive Chan Keng Ling 

2.  Chua Siew Cheun 

3.  Ho Yan Yong Hilary 

4.  Soh Zhi Min Pamela 

5.  Sarina D/O Mohamed Yassin 

6.  Nazrin Naseer 


Ms. Chong Fee Kim (Teacher-facilitator)


Hear Me Out!


Serangoon Secondary School

1.  Tan Ming Kwang 

2.  Klvin Kwok Zhan Hong 

3.  Alvin Tan Da Neng 

4.  Loh Andreas 

5.  Tan Ming Kwang 

6.  Lin Pei Kun 


Mr. Yan Tuck Poh (Teacher-facilitator)


Singapore RiverThrough The Eyes of Merlion


Tampines Junior College


1.  Nabila Hanim Abdul Razak 

2.  Mohamed Haikel Fansuri Bin Mohamed Latiff

3.  Muhammad Andi Bin Zulkepli

4.  Shahida Binte Hassim


Mr. Abdul Malek Bin Ahmad (Teacher-facilitator)


Malay Language Elective Programme

Special Mention (Original Score)

Northland Secondary School

1.  Lyonn Suthesan s/o Philli 

2.  Muhammad Syafiq B Lutfi 

3.  Abdur Rauf B Abdul Ghani 

4.  Muhammad Rafiq B Ramlan 

5.  Jeyan Nair 

6.  Khairul Ridhwan B Kamsani


Mr. Kenneth Chye (Teacher-facilitator


Simple Things In Life


Drama (Secondary /Pre-University)


Platinum                                   : 2 Award Winners

Gold                                         : 1 Award Winner

Silver                                        : 2 Award Winners

Merit                                         : 9 Award Winners

Special Mention                         : 6  Award Winners

(Original Score)


Best Actor                     : 1 Award Winner

Best Actress                 : 1 Award Winner








Special Mention (Original Score)


Best Actress: Ng Yu Ting (Grand-daughter)


Victoria Junior College

1.  Yenchin 

2.  Hoo Swee Yee 

3.  Ng Yuhui 

4.  Carol Chan Zilin 

5.  Corrie Tan Linling 

6.  Lun Yaoguo 


Mr. Chris Wong (Teacher-facilitator)


Ah Ma



Best Actor: Chris Goh (Son)


Regent Secondary School

1.  Ong Siqi Germaine 

2.  Chan Weiling Adeline 

3.  Tan Jian Qi 

4.  Muhammad Wahidin bin Wahid 

5.  Kor Wee Leong 


Ms. Christine Te (Teacher-facilitator)




Teck Whye Secondary School


1.  Muhd Issyah Bin Ismail 

2.  Fuad Nurhadi Bin Mohd Yatin 

3.  Abdul Haziq A Jahil 

4.  Akid Chong 

5.  Chew Teow Kim 

6.  Perumal Venkatesh 


Ms. Camy Ong (Teacher-facilitator)


The Promise



Special Mention (Original Score)


Commonwealth Secondary School

1.  Desmond Tan Di Teng 

2.  Zhang Jiahao 

3.  Lau Zong Ming 

4.  Shazwi Suwandi 

5.  Sim Yu Ling 


Mdm. Chong Chin Fong (Teacher-facilitator)


Ah Boy



Special Mention (Original Score)


Kent Ridge Secondary School

1.  Adi Sufian B Roslan 

2.  Mohamed Juffrie B Mohamed J 

3.  Nur Shaheera Bte Kamisan 

4.  Khatijah Abdul Salam 

5.  Mustafa Kamal B Mohd Sidek 


Ms. Lim Chye Ling (Teacher-facilitator)


The Reason


Anderson Junior College




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