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29 Sep 2004 [ Frequently Asked Questions ]


1.      As part of the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s effort in promoting a more holistic education, MOE will issue a comprehensive school testimonial called the School Graduation Certificate to all students who complete their education at the secondary and pre-university levels from 2008. 


2.      The School Graduation Certificate consolidates a student’s achievements in the academic and non-academic domains, and includes an assessment of his/her personal qualities, to give a complete record of his/her progress and development throughout his/her education in school. In doing so, the School Graduation Certificate brings together various existing modes of documentation for students’ achievements in the different domains when they complete their school education (e.g. documents for academic grades and co-curricular activities, as well as testimonials).


3.      The School Graduation Certificate will provide a holistic record of education achievements through qualitative and quantitative measures.  It serves to send a strong signal to schools, students and parents on the importance of a holistic education.  It is hoped that students will be more motivated to engage in broader educational experiences and be more proactive in embracing both academic and non-academic development.


4.      The School Graduation Certificate will have the following features:        

a. Academic achievements. The subject grades attained at the GCE “N”, “O” and “A” Levels will be reflected;

b. Non-academic achievements.  The Certificate will include the LEAPS grade attained by students who have completed secondary education.  The PEARLS grade will be used if students proceed on to, and complete, pre-university education[1]. 

c. Qualitative assessment of the student.  The Certificate will contain a description provided by the school, on the personal qualities of the student.  The assessment will capture the student’s strengths as an individual, as well as the areas where he/she has displayed growing maturity or development. 
Please refer to Annex for a mock-up of the School Graduation Certificate.

5.      The School Graduation Certificate will be issued to students at the following stages in their education:
         a. Students who have completed secondary education; and
         b. Students who have completed their pre-university education.

6.      Students who enrol in the Integrated Programmes (IP) will be issued the Certificate at the end of the IP.  The Certificate will also be issued to students in the IP offering the International Baccalaureate (IB). 

7.      The School Graduation Certificate will be issued from 2008.  In the meantime, systems will be put in place to ensure that schools are adequately prepared to implement the new certificate.  


ANNEX – School Graduation Certificate


Mock-up on Holistic Certification


Singapore Ministry of Education

School Graduation Certificate



This Certificate is awarded to


Jonathan Chen Meng En


NRIC/Foreign Identification No: S1234567N


School:   Aspiration Junior College(2006-7)




This School Graduation Certificate is awarded to students for completion of the GCE Singapore-Cambridge Advanced Level Examination.  It lists the achievements, and provides an assessment of the student in the following areas:

(a)    Academic achievements;

(b)    Co-curricular achievements: and

(c)    Personal qualities, as provided by the school.









Director-General of Education






Academic Achievements

Year of Examination














English Literature

Humanities and the Arts









Humanities and the Arts









Humanities and the Arts







Mathematics C

Mathematics and Sciences







Project Work


Knowledge Skills




Band II



General Paper








Chinese (Oral/Aural)

























Co-Curricular Achievements

PEARLS grade: A

Scores for PEARLS components:

Participation: 4/4   Enrichment: 4/4   Achievement: 4/4   Representation: 10/10

Leadership: 6/9   Service: 4/4


Co-curricular Achievements


Student Council

  • Member of the Executive Committee (Honorary Treasurer) of the college Student Council(2006/2007)
  • Planned and organised college Open House (2006)
  • Planned and organised 'Past vs Present" Games Day (2006)
  • Planned and organised Orientation 1 (2007)
  • Planned and organised Orientation 2 (2007)
  • Planned and organised Friendship Day Carnival (2007)
  • Student facilitator at the Racial Harmony Games Day organised by CCAB (2007)



  • Member of the college rugby team (2006/2007)
  • Represented college and emerged Plate champions at the Singapore Cricket Club Inter-School 7's Competition (2006)
  • Represented college and won the 7-11 Inter-School 10's Competition (2006)
  • Represented college at the National Schools "A" Division Police Cup Competition (2007)


Community Service

  • Performed 120 hours of community service (2006/2007)
  • Involved in the college Overseas Community Inovolvement Project to Thailand (jointly organised with Habitat) (2006)



  • Represented college at the Pre-University Seminar as a presenter (2006)


Special Achievements

·          Founded “Big Brothers”, an organization that provides mentors and tutors to primary 5 and 6 children from low-income families in Farquhar Primary School (2006)

·          Awarded the Young Achievers’ Award by Contini Foundation (2007)











Personal Qualities

(Assessment by Principal,  Aspiration Junior College)


Jonathan Chen Meng En was a student of  Aspiration Junior Collegefrom 2006-2007, where he pursued a course in the Arts Faculty.


Interpersonal Skills

Jonathan is a pleasant young man who is courteous and respectful.   He is friendly and outgoing, and can be counted on to take the initiative to extend a hand of friendship to the quieter students in class.  Although Jonathan is independent-minded, he is also diplomatic and is careful not to offend others who may not share his way of thinking. 


Intellectual  Independenceand Desire for Learning

As far as academic ability is concerned, Jonathan is a capable student who is able to present arguments in a lucid and cogent manner.   He has developed increasing depth in his thought, and this is evident in his daily work.  Jonathan has participated actively in class, and will take the initiative to clarify his doubts with his tutors both in and outside of class.  He is also a motivated and diligent student who has set high goals for himself, and has steadily worked towards them during his two years in college. 


Civic-mindedness and Social Responsibility

Jonathan has always been interested in volunteering in the wider community.   He was one of the founding members of “Big Brothers” which was set up in 2006 to provide mentors and tutors to primary 5 and 6 children from low-income families in  Farquhar Primary School.  For his efforts, Jonathan was awarded the Young Achievers’ Award by the Contini Foundation in 2007.  


Leadership Qualities

Through his involvement in college activities, Jonathan grew more confident as a leader.  He was responsible and believed strongly in leading by example.  For example, as a member of the Executive Committee of the Student Council, he would not merely be planning events but would actively help his fellow councillors to operationalise these plans.  His leadership qualities were also evident in the rugby team where he helped to constantly encourage and focus his team-mates.












[1] LEAPS and PEARLS are the guidelines and the grading schemes for Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) at the secondary and pre-university levels respectively.  LEAPS awards CCA points in 5 categories: Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement, Participation and Service. `PEARLS’, will award CCA points in 6 areas of involvement: Participation, Enrichment, Achievement, Representation, Leadership and Service.


[2]This would list all the subjects that a student offers, viz, GP/KI, PW, MTL, 4/5 Advanced and Standard content subjects and 1 Higher-Advanced subject.


[3]Viz, Knowledge Skills, Languages, Humanities and the Arts, Mathematics and Sciences.


[4]Normal, Ordinary, Advanced (H1, H2 or H3).


[5]The awarding agency may not be Singapore-Cambridge.  For example, NUS could be the awarding agency for some of the Higher-Advanced subjects.


[6]For convenience, the grading system used in this mock certification follows the current system.   The grading system for the revised JC curriculum in 2006 has yet to be finalised. 


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