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EDUN N25-02-004 


26 July 2003 



1         To foster greater diversity in the pre-university sector to better cater to the different aptitudes of students, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will:

a.  Merge the two existing Centralised Institutes (CIs), viz. Jurong Institute and Outram Institute, into a single institute with effect from 1 Jan 2004 to enhance the delivery of the three-year pre-university education programme; and
b.  Allow Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC) and Raffles Junior College (RJC) to become independent with effect from 1 Jan 2004 and 1 Jan 2005 respectively.

2          In addition, the Ministry of Education will extend the coverage of existing Edusave Scholarships and introduce new Edusave Scholarships to students in schools offering Integrated Programmes (IP).


3          The two CIs - Jurong Institute and Outram Institute - will be merged into a single institute with effect from 1 Jan 2004.

4          The merger will enhance the delivery of the three-year pre-university education programme. The merged institute will be given new premises which have additional and improved facilities. Located at Bukit Batok West Avenue 3, it will be ready in 2007. During the interim period, the merged institute will continue to operate at existing premises of the two CIs.

5          The merger will allow the two institutes to consolidate their expertise and teaching resources, and provide their students with more customised programmes and facilities that better meet their needs.


6          MOE has approved the applications from HCJC and RJC to become independent from 1 Jan 2004 and 1 Jan 2005 respectively.

7          The two JCs, together with their affiliated secondary schools, will offer the IP from Jan 2004. Having the same independent status as their respective affiliated secondary schools will allow for closer integration of the affiliated schools, and give them greater autonomy in the delivery of their IP.


8          Enhancements to the Edusave scholarships framework will take place in the form of enhancements to existing Edusave scholarships as well as the introduction of new Edusave scholarships. The Edusave scholarships are applicable to qualified students who are Singapore Citizens.

Enhancements to Existing Edusave Scholarships

9          Currently, students in the Independent Schools (ISs) can apply for the following scholarship/award:

a.  The Edusave Entrance Scholarships for Independent Schools (EESIS) is awarded to the top 25% of the total number of students posted to ISs at Sec 1 based on their PSLE results. The scholarship covers the annual school fees charged by the IS less $144 (the annual amount of school and standard miscellaneous fees paid by students in other secondary schools). It is tenable for the full four years of study in the IS, subject to satisfactory progress each year.
b.  The Edusave (Independent Schools) Yearly Awards (EISYA) is offered to students who are not already holding EESIS. These are given to the top 5% Singaporean students by level and stream in each IS based on their school examination results at the end of each school year. The yearly awards cover the annual school fees charged by the IS for that year less $144.

10          The following enhancements will be made:

a.  The tenure for EESIS will be extended to six years (instead of four years), for students in an Independent School offering IP.
b.  EISYA will be awarded to students in an independent JC offering IP and who are not already holding EESIS.
c.  Both the enhanced EESIS and EISYA will be extended to students in Specialised Independent Schools* .

Introduction of New Edusave Scholarships

11          The ISs offering IP may have formal insertion points at Sec 3 and JC1, besides Sec 1. However, students admitted at Sec 3 and JC1 are not eligible for the EESIS because the scholarship is only awarded at Sec 1.

12          There will therefore be a new scholarship modelled on the EESIS, called the Edusave Scholarships for Integrated Programme Schools (ESIP) offered to IP students who are of equivalent academic ability as the EESIS holders. This new scholarship will be awarded at the new insertion years of Sec 3 and JC1. All IP students, i.e. both new admissions and existing students, who do not have the EESIS may apply for the scholarship. Details on the selection criteria will be announced in due course.

Summary of Enhancements

13 The table below summarises the enhancements to the Edusave scholarships framework:


Existing Framework  

Enhanced Framework  

Independent Schools  



EESIS for students joining IS at Sec 1.   Tenure: Four years.  

EISYA for students from Sec 1 to Sec 4.  

EESIS and EISYA extended to JC level for students in IS offering IP.

ESIP for students joining IP at IS at formal insertion points of Sec 3 and JC1.  

Specialised Independent Schools  


EESIS and EISYA extended to students in Specialised IS.  

* Examples of Specialised Independent Schools are Singapore Sports School and NUS High School for Mathematics and Science.


14          To provide a variety of programmes and routes to cater to the varied talents and aptitudes of our students, the Junior College/Upper Secondary Education Review Committee, chaired by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry & Education, recommended, among other things, the introduction of IP spanning upper secondary and JC education, and continuing to offer the three-year pre-university programmes with modifications, if necessary. The IP would cater to students who could do well in a less structured environment. It would free up time used to prepare students for the 'O' level examinations to engage in broader learning experiences. The three-year pre-university course, on the other hand, would cater to students who could benefit from a longer programme. The Committee's recommendations were endorsed by Parliament in Nov 2002.

15          Minister for Education, RAdm (NS) Teo Chee Hean, announced at the fifth Principals' Appointment Ceremony on 30 Dec 2002 that the Ministry of Education approved the introduction of the IP in four schools, viz. the Raffles and Hwa Chong families of schools, National Junior College and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) from 2004.


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