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EDUN N25-02-004


4 Jan 2003




1.      The Ministry of Education will extend the following three measures offered in the Government's second package of off-budget measures announced in Oct 2001, to help university and polytechnic students and graduates who are affected by the current economic situation:

Tuition fee freeze for university and polytechnic courses 

2.      Academic Year (AY) 2002 tuition fees for undergraduate degree and polytechnic diploma courses had been frozen at AY2001 levels as part of the Government's Oct 2001 package of off-budget measures. The AY2003 tuition fees will continue to be frozen at the AY2001 levels: 

a) $5,650 for undergraduate laboratory and non-laboratory courses at NUS and NTU; 

b) $16,200 for undergraduate medical/dental courses at NUS; and 

c) $1,950 for polytechnic diploma courses. 

3.     Tuition fees for Government-funded postgraduate university degree courses for AY2003 will also be frozen at the AY2002 level.

Suspension of Tuition Fee Loan repayments and Study Loan repayments 

4.      University and polytechnic graduates who have taken up loans under the Tuition Fee Loan (TFL) scheme and/or Study Loan (SL) scheme will be granted a 5-month suspension of their TFL and SL repayments. 

5.      The loan repayment suspension will take effect from 1 Feb 2003 to 30 Jun 2003 for both schemes. During this period, loan repayment will be suspended and no interest will be levied on any outstanding loan from 1 Feb 2003 to 30 Jun 2003. 

6.      All university and polytechnic graduates who have taken up either or both of the schemes will be automatically eligible. These include graduates who are already servicing their loans as well as those who will start their repayments before 30 Jun 2003.

Suspension of Tuition Grant Bond 

7.      Non-Singaporean graduates of Government-funded local institutions1 who are recipients of the tuition grant during their course of study are required to serve a bond. MOE is prepared to consider a suspension of the execution of their tuition grant bonds up to 30 Jun 2003. Tuition Grant recipients may apply to MOE's Tuition Grant Unit (TGU) for the bond suspension. Upon approval, the bond suspension will take effect from the date of application. 

8.      All graduates who wish to apply for the bond suspension must submit an application to the following address: 

Tuition Grant Unit 
Ministry of Education 
No.1 North Buona Vista Drive 
Singapore 138675

9.      Application forms can be downloaded from the webpage: http://www1.moe.edu.sg/mhed/ OBM/TGBapplicationform.doc. Application forms may also be obtained from MOE's Customer Service Centre. 

Further Details 

10.    Further details pertaining to the above measures may be obtained from the MOE webpage http://www.moe.gov.sg. For further enquiries, the hotline number to MOE's Customer Service Centre is 6872 2220.


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