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Date: 23 July 1998



Schools will commemorate National Day on Fri 7 Aug 98. As part of their celebrations, schools will observe the National Day Ceremony, which has been introduced this year as part of the school programme to enhance the significance of the National Day celebrations.

2 The National Day Ceremony will begin with the marching-in of the National flag and the School flag. The National Anthem will be sung as the flags are being raised. This will be followed by a "Recollections" segment during which schools recount the key phases of Singapore’s history. The National Day Ceremony will conclude with the singing of "My People, My Home" - a new song which is specially commissioned for the Ceremony - and the recitation of the Pledge. Schools will continue with their commemoration of National Day with the reading of the National Day Message from the Minister for Education and school celebrations.

3 The National Day Ceremony serves as a formal opening introduction to the National Day celebrations in schools. Schools are also encouraged to invite parents, senior citizens, children from welfare homes and members of the community to join in the celebrations.

4 To assist schools in the conduct of the Ceremony, a National Day Ceremony kit has been prepared and distributed to all schools. The kit contains (i) a 6ft by 4ft National flag, (ii) a compact disc containing the music piece for marching-in, the National Anthem and the National Day Ceremony Song, "My People, My Home", (iii) the lyrics of the song, (iv) a video tape showing an enactment of the Ceremony and (v) the announcer’s script.



Information Sheet

The "Recollections" segment

In this segment, schools will recount the key phases of Singapore’s history. The National Education Committee had commissioned Mr Jim Aitchinson, previously Creative Director of Batey Ads, to compose a prose. Schools will decide on the form in the delivering of the prose.

The National Day Ceremony Song : "My People, My Home"

The National Day Ceremony Song, "My People, My Home" is a new song which is specially commissioned for the Ceremony. The lyrics of the song are written by Dr Lee Tzu Pheng, a local poet and Senior Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, National University of Singapore. The music is provided by the Singapore Police Force Midi Lab.


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