Cyber Wellness Call for Proposals

The Inter-Ministry Cyber Wellness Steering Committee (ICSC) is calling for collaborations among government agencies and people-private sector organisations to support programmes/projects that promote cyber wellness among our Singapore youth and parents.

This is an invitation to your organisation to be a part of this nation-wide initiative. Supplementary information on the call for proposals can be found in this document.

Application Procedure


The Inter-Ministry Cyber Wellness Steering Committee (ICSC) seed funding scheme is designed to encourage, support and assist Singapore-based companies, associations and organisations (hereby known as applicants) in organising Cyber Wellness events, initiatives or projects for our youth and parents.

Eligibility Criteria

The scheme provides support through seed funding to cover the costs of carrying out Cyber Wellness projects to reach out to the youth and parents.

The project must be non-profit in nature and directly linked to cyber wellness promotion. As a general principle, ICSC does not support funding for:

  • Infrastructural setup including, but not limited to, cost incurred for venue, logistics, and giveaways
  • On-going projects

The project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Meet ICSC's objectives;
  • Clarity of approach;
  • Feasibility of implementation;
  • Reach and impact;
  • Sustainability;
  • Scalability; and
  • Financial prudence

Organisations are invited to submit proposals that encourage and support the positive use of the internet and mobile technologies, but not limited to the following areas:

For Children and Youths

  1. Promoting healthy digital habits - e.g. balanced screen time, healthy cyber gaming and device-free leisure activities
  2. Handling risky online relationships – e.g. online predators, sexting
  3. Managing cyber bullying: Building resilience and combating negativity on social media
  4. Practising good cyber hygiene: Understanding cyber risks and adopting cybersecurity measures

For Parents and Caregivers

  1. Promoting healthy digital habits: Equipping parents with information and resources to help them understand the digital trends and to encourage balanced screen time and device-free family activities
  2. Preventing cyber bullying: How parents and caregivers can play a role in helping their children deal with cyber bullying
  3. Practising good ‘cyber hygiene’: Equipping parents and caregivers with information and resources to help their children identify potential dangers and ways to secure their devices and safeguard their data

Application for seed funding

Application for the ICSC seed funding should be fully completed using the form (below) and received by ICSC no later than Friday, 17 February 2017, 5 pm through the email

All applicants will be notified of the results via email. Successful applicants may be required to submit at least one interim report mid-way through the project as a progress update. Upon project completion, a final evaluation report is to be submitted. 

Upon acceptance of application, applicants shall be required to sign an agreement letter with the ICSC. The agreement letter will detail exact terms and conditions for support or sponsorship of the project/initiative. Applicants shall be required to submit an interim report to the ICSC mid way through your project as a progress update and a final report after project completion.

Terms and conditions

The ICSC reserves the right to reject this application if any information submitted hereto is found to be incomplete, false or misleading in any material aspect or if there is overwhelming response to a certain event type, and all materials submitted with this application will not be returned.


Download the application package (32kb .zip) for the ICSC seed funding scheme.

Contact Information

For more information on the call-for-proposals please contact us at