Criteria for External Providers

Selection Criteria for appointment as MOE-approved external provider

MOE shall evaluate the applicant for appointment onto the panel of MOE-approved external providers for supplementary sexuality education programmes based on, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

A. External Provider

  • External provider has experience and good track record in the development of curriculum in sexuality-related areas for children and youth.
  • External provider has in-depth knowledge of sexuality-related matters.
  • External provider's philosophy is aligned to MOE's stand and policies on Sexuality Education.
  • External provider does not advocate any religious stands in the sexuality education programmes that they conduct
  • External provider selects and prepares its trainers to deliver sexuality education programmes in schools effectively.
  • External provider has in place an evaluation mechanism to ensure that programmes standards are not compromised and the programmes objectives are achieved.

B. Content of Proposed Sexuality Education Programme

  • Content of the proposed sexuality education programme is factually accurate and age-appropriate for the target group(s) of students in schools.
  • Content of the proposed programme provides in-depth coverage of the specific topic found within the MOE Framework for Sexuality Education.
  • Content of the proposed programme avoids touching on any sensitivities related to any ethnicity, gender or religion
  • Effective pedagogy is used to engage students. This includes providing opportunities for students to listen to perspectives from their peers, acquire social and emotional skills to manage themselves and their relationship with others in sexuality-related contexts, and to reflect on their own experiences and thinking during learning.
  • Materials used are current, relevant and from reliable sources.
  • Materials used comply with MOE's policies on Sexuality Education.

C. Trainers

  • Trainers should have relevant working experience in the field of social services, health, education or counselling.
  • Trainers should preferably have a minimum of three years' experience in conducting programmes in one or more of the five areas of MOE Sexuality Education, namely
    • Human Development
    • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Sexual Health
    • Sexual Behaviour
    • Culture, Society and Law

Selection criteria for school engagement at ITQ stage

Schools that wish to engage external providers for supplementary sexuality education programmes will only select from the list of MOE-approved providers. A Limited Invitation to Quote (ITQ) will be raised if the estimated procurement value is S$5,000 or above, where only MOE-approved external providers shall bid. The Letter of Acceptance (LoA) will be issued by the school and will be based on the suitability of the programme in meeting the schools’ needs, and the cost of the programme.