Information for External Providers

Application to Conduct Sexuality Education Programmes in Schools

Since 2009, MOE has invited external providers to apply to conduct supplementary sexuality education programmes in schools through a Centralised Vetting Process. These supplementary programmes offered are not intended to replace the MOE core Sexuality Education which is taught by specially-selected and trained teachers in schools.

MOE recognises that there are two categories of external providers:

  1. those that provide free-of-charge sexuality education programmes to schools; and
  2. those that charge schools for their sexuality education programmes.

The application process for external providers1 interested in providing free-of-charge and/or chargeable sexuality education programmes to schools2 have closed. More information on the next cycle of applications will be posted in due time.

  1. The vetting cycle will be opened to the following:.

      • External providers which have not been previously approved by MOE for sexuality education programmes;

      • MOE-approved external providers which are offering new sexuality education programmes; and

      • MOE-approved external providers whose contract to offer sexuality education programmes has ended and would like to apply for subsequent approval.
  2. Only external providers intending to offer sexuality education programmes to schools listed in may apply.