Application and Selection


FASS will draw up a list of broad research topics. All Junior Colleges (JCs)/Centralised Institute (CI) and IP schools (with students offering the A-Level examinations) will be informed when the list of topics and the application forms are ready. Application usually opens in late-August to early-September each year.

Students will choose one research topic and write a research proposal of about 300 words.

Schools should submit all applications to:

(Attn: Mr Tan Ban Huat)
NUS-MOE HSSR Committee
Gifted Education Branch
Ministry of Education
Level 13
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675

The deadline for HSSR 2020 applications is by Monday, 21 October 2019, 1700 hours1.


JCs/CI and IP Schools are to recommend applicants based on their academic performance and potential, as well as their interest in and suitability for a programme of independent research. Generally, students applying for the programme in a particular subject are expected to achieve a ‘B’ or better in the corresponding subject at H2 level. Applicants are advised to understand the demands of the mentorship. They are also expected to be able to commit themselves to the mentorship. Applicants should also possess sufficient language proficiency to be able to undertake the research and writing processes for the HSSR.

Applicants will be selected based on the strength of the teachers’ recommendations and research proposals. No feedback will be given to students who are not selected, and the decisions of the NUS-MOE HSSR Committee will be final.

Programme Fees

The HSSR programme costs $636 per student. The student pays only $60, as MOE provides a grant of $576. Schools with selected applicants will collect the $60 fee from students, download the grant (using IFASS) and liaise with NUS on the payment.

Registration for A-LEVEL Examination

All schools will register their students for the NUS-MOE HSSR under the Integrated Examinations System (IES), and all prevailing rules will apply.

Application Package

The application package consists of the following documents:

  1. Note that this deadline is unique to the NUS-MOE HSSR, and is earlier than the deadline for other H3 options